Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Michael Kick-Starts the Contest!

...with two really good reviews! Here they are:

Quantum Prophecy, book 1
The Awakening
by Michael Carroll
Ten years ago, there was a huge battle, and all of the superheroes in the world vanished. But now, Colin Wagner and his friend Danny Cooper are finding that things are not as they seem. Danny's dad was a supervillain, and Colin's parents were both superheroes. What's more: when puberty hits, around 13, a child might start developing inherited superpowers. Colin and Danny are right at that age. When their powers begin to develop, they find that they're getting a little unwanted attention from supposedly dead supervillains of the past. Although I don't approve of the language, the storyline is great, and readers will zoom through the Quantum Prophecy trilogy faster that a superhero. Also look for book 2, The Gathering.

The Adventures of Ordinary Boy, book 1
Te Hero Revealed
by William Boniface
Welcome to Superopolis, where everyone is simply super! Well... almost everyone. There's just one exception... Ordinary Boy. But although he is the only human being without a superpower, he still turns out to be a hero! Something fishy is afoot when trading cards are released that everyone must have. There's 64 of them, but some are quite rare. The most rare of them all is a supervillain called Professor Brain-Drain, and the real Professor is furious! He's determined to make trillions of trading cards with his name on them and suffocate the villains of Superopolis with them! Will OB and his friends save the day? Will the Professor get his way? And most mysterious of all... who is Meteor Boy? Great book, humorous content, and the heroes are fantastic! Great writing in general! Look for book 2, The Return of Meteor Boy? (which is a lot better than the first one) and book 3, The Great Powers Outage.

Thanks, Michael! These really look good. Like something we all could LOVE! Keep those reviews coming. And let's hear from more of you! What books do you LOVE???

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