Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OOOPSSS!! I Missed One!

The Iron Guy is sooo embarrassed! I left out a review last Friday when I posted the reviews from the boys in Ms. Metcalf's third-grade class. It's from Shawn and it got lost in that big pile of reviews. So sorry, Shawn! I'm posting it right now:

The Dragon's Eye by Dugald A.Steer

Daniel a twelve year old boy looks forward to meeting his parents. He hasn't seen them for four years. But Daniel's sister brings shocking news. His parents have to stay at India! Whom his parents sent them to Dr. Drake. Now Daniel, Beatrice (Daniels sister), and Dr. Drake go on a exciting journey. Come and read this book and it's awesome. The reason I "Love" this book because it's a really exciting adventure. It grabs my attention. I recommend you to read it!

Thanks, Shawn!! This book sounds really good and I hope it sounds good to all you reader guys out there too. The library has plenty of copies, so go and get it!

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