Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh, No! A Hostile Takeover!

Hey, guys, this is Carl with some seriously bad news. I got a bunch of reviews from Mrs. Smith's fourth-grade class at Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy. What's bad about that? They were all from girls!!! Now we don't mind when girls write in, in fact, we're glad to hear from you, but this is a not just writing in--they said it was a hostile takeover! "We're taking over the Boys Read blog!" were their exact words. Are we going to stand by and let this happen, guys?? Especially you boys in Mrs. Smith's fourth grade? Let's stand up and defend this blog!!

Now I should explain that these reviews were written during a free study time. The boys weren't idle; they were busy making a light saber. That's a constructive use of time, building something to cut your enemies in half. But while they were working, the girls sneaked these reviews past them in a brazen attempt to take over!

Well, in all fairness, let's hear their reviews. After all, guys, we can take the moral high ground and let them know we are fair, even if they are trying to invade and conquer our space.

The Titan’s Curse

The Titan’s Curse is a very good book, the third one in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Artemis, the goddess of the Hunt and the goddess of the Moon, goes in search of a terrible monster and gets captured by Luke and his army. Annabeth replaces Atlas’ weight of the sky. Atlas’ weight gets replaced by Luke, who tricks Annabeth into carrying the weight, then Artemis replaces Annabeth. Percy finds the Ophiothaurus, the monster, and names it Bessie. The person who destroys the Ophiotaurus has enough power to take down Mount Olympus. At the end of the book, Olympus comes to a decision—whether or not to destroy Bessie. Overall, I really liked this book. ~written by a girl! Sophia (ha!)

The Little Town in the Big Woods

I’m going to tell you a little bit about the Series Little Town in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s about a family that starts off in a big wood on the Indian territory. They’re pioneers, and travel all over the USA to find the perfect home for their growing family. Laura is the main character. She has an older sister named Mary and Ma and Pa are their mother and father, working hard to maintain their family and keep them happy. As Laura grows up, she meets Almonzo Wilder, and eventually gets married. When mary loses her vision and Ma has another girl, Grace, Laura has to take of them and focus on Almonzo at the same at the same time. Can she do both? It’s a relly nice series and I think you would like every single book in the series. ~Mary, Age 9

The City of Emeber

This is a book about a city underground. Lina, the main character, wants to be a messenger but the mayor draws that she would be in the pipeworks. Doon, her friend, wants ot be in the pipeworks, but the mayour draws messenger. So Doon asks Lina to trade with him and she agrees. They both go to the pipeworks and find a tunnel that leads them out from underground. ~Sydney, Joy, and Maria

OK, good work, ladies. You've actually made me want to read The City of Ember. And just to show that we hold no grudges against anyone, even those who try to over run our blog, we're going to bestow on you the greatest honor we can give and make you Honorary Guys, just as we did with Kaza Kingsley. No need to thank us; we know how grateful you must be. Not only that, but we will honor our commitment to give a free book to anyone who writes a review. You can go to the Imaginon library or the Matthews library to claim it. Now, in the face of such generosity, you should end your attempt at a hostile takeover. But if it doesn't, well, I'm sure there are lots of guys out there who'll be willing to write in their own reviews. In fact, are all you guys going to let us be outnumbered? Five girls just wrote to us; I bet we could get at least 5 or more boys to send in book reviews! Let's hear it, guys!!!

After all, don't forget that---

Boys Rule, Boys Read!!
PS--Don't forget, when you send a review, be sure to give the title, author, a little bit about what the book is about, and why you did or didn't like it. You can write about fiction, nonfiction, biography, paperbacks, or graphic novels.

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Katherine said...

hey, its cy, from Mrs. Smith's third grade. I'm not letting any girls take over.boys in Mrs. Smith's class
(fourth and third). write in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!