Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another One From Cyber Kid and Another Good Quick Read

Hey, guys, it's Carl again. It looks like Zack has got it going on at the Matthews library. I hope you guys sign up for The Huddle. Also looks like Jedi Master Zack got some good sith taunting in. Do you think Darth Bill will let that go unanswered?

Our pal cyber kid 303 has sent us another review of an interesting-looking book. Let's hear it:
In the exciting sequel to the Alchemist, 15 year old Josh's powers are awakened and and his twin, Sophie, has been trained in the magic of fire and air. Josh is learning swordplay with Clarent, the sword of fire, which came in handy to fight the people-eating Nidhogg who terrorized Paris. Do you like the book so far? The name of the book is The Magician and it's by Michael Scott. I like the book because it has lots of mythology in it. My mom likes it because it has history in it. This is the second out of six books in the series. The other four are not out yet.

Sounds good, cyber kid. You ought to be first in the running for the bronze medal. Hmmm, you've also got a silver medal. Can we give him a bronze and silver? We'll see. But if any of you guys want to challenge cyber kid for that bronze, you still have until 9 pm tonight to get a review in!

Here's another of the Good Quick Reads we talk about sometimes. This one is funny! It's The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein by Joanna Hurwitz. What a great title, huh? Well, do you think that changing your name could change your life? That's what David Bernstein, who is 8 years, 5 months, and 17 days old, thinks. He lives in an apartment in Manhattan with his parents. Nothing exciting ever happens, he complains. Maybe if he had a different name, he might have adventures. So, when he gets to read The Arabian Nights, he decides to call himself Ali Baba. Does he have adventures? Decide for yourselves when you read about Ali Baba and the chest of jewels, the frog who might be the Princess Farah, and the adventure of the 40 sleeves! Both older and younger guys will laugh at this fast, funny 82-page book. I sure did!

Here's one more thing I think all you guys would like. Discovery Place, the downtown hands-on science museum is having The Roman Army Festival this Friday through Sunday. There will be all kinds of cool things going on--a Roamn army camp, gladiators, kid cohorts, and more. Click here to see a schedule of events. Click here to go to Discovey Place's home page and find out more.

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