Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks For The Compliment!

Hey, one and all, this is Carl, feeling good from his head to his little toe. We just received a great compliment from a new friend. Let's hear it:

you guy's are so cool. i love your website so much. this comment is comming from Andre Wiggins hope you get this message you guys

On behalf of Bill, Zack, and me, Thanks, Andre! We aprreciate it. We feel good knowing you guys are out there and reading our stuff. We hope you write in about a favorite book sometime. Don't forget--you could get a free book!

And, to thank ALL you guys, here's a bit of real guy humor--the Curley Shuffle! Do you guys ever watch The Three Stooges? If you do, you'll enjoy this. If you don't, you still enjoy this and may go out and find some of their stuff.

Nyuk, nyuk, yuk!

1 comment:

Matthew's Public Library said...

Very Cool-- my parrots got a kick out of it. ;) mt