Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Ocean, Monsters and Clone War Republic Commandoes

Hi all it is I again Darth Bill reporting from beyond the Outer Rim where I have been participating in your basic planetary assaults and takeovers. Yes as my dear Papa would say: "No one ever said that being a Dark Lord of the Sith would be a walk in the park." However, I get immense job satisfaction in my chosen profession and the benefits are great (you really out to see how sorry the Jedi treat their people)!!!!!! Now I feel I must speak about a portion of the Army of the Republic that gets no recognition or applause. Though I am forced to fight them, they have my highest respect. Who are these people you ask? They are no other than the Clone Army and all the proud individuals who serve. These men have one mission in life and that is the defense of the Republic. I am now reading a book about some very special Clones who serve in special operations. They are known as Republic Commandos. The particular squad I am reading about is known as Delta Squad and are made up of 4 very special individuals. They are made up of Sev, Boss, Fixer and Scorch. The following pictures and video are my salute to these brave men.

Republic Commandos - Delta Squad

Leader of Delta Squad - Boss

Scorch - Demolitions Expert

Fixer - Technology Expert and Hacker

Sev - Sniper and Combat Specialist

A Video Tribute to Delta Squad - Hard Rock for a Hard Team!!!!

Well I guess I'll talk about some Graphic Novels I've read a late and maybe convince ye their worth a look at:

Salt Water Taffy: The Adventures of Jack and Benny - The Legend of Old Salty by Matthew Loux - This Graphic Novel is about two brothers Jack and Benny whose parents have decided to take the whole family away from the city and to spend the summer in the state of Maine at the weird and mysterious Chowder Bay. Jack and Benny make fast friends with one of the locals known around those parts as Fisherman Angus O'Neil. One evening the boys see something huge and monstrous on the beach, but can't quite make it out. After talking to Angus they discover that Chowder Bay has a mysterious resident in the waters known as Old Salty. This leads to strange robberies by lobsters, very strange behavior by seagulls and an epic battle between Old Salty and Angus. Does any of this make sense? If not read this excellent Graphic Novel and it all will. I really loved this book and look forward to the next in the series.

Marvel Adventures Hulk, Volume 3: "Strongest One There Is" by Paul Benjamin & Steve Scott - In this latest installment of Hulk adventures the title pretty much sums up what is contained in this Graphic Novel. The Hulk in four bombastic stories takes on both super strong villains and friends. The Hulk just seems to get himself in bad situations wherever he ends up. In the first story the Hulk takes on one of Bruce Banner's friends in Doc Sampson, both brain and muscle, as he to has been exposed to gamma radiation (but not to the extent that Banner was) and retains his considerable Psychiatrist I.Q. In the second story our mean green smashing machine takes on one of the X-Men's most dangerous enemies the unstoppable Juggernaut. In the third story, through a series of misunderstandings, the Hulk goes up against the ever loving blue eyed Thing. As if that was not enough, in the last story the Hulk, Doc Sampson, the Thing and the Juggernaut all go up against an enemy strong enough to challenge them all!!!!! If you like the Incredible Hulk, you will love these stories that cover issues 9 - 12 of the comic. A definite two thumbs up!!!!!

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