Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Totally Cool Undersea Adventure's of Capt'n Eli

, Har, Har me fine Mateys,

's I the meanest, most powerful, can't remember when I-last-had-a-bath sea-dog of a Pirate, Darth Bootstrap Bill. I hope all you scurvy seafaring scallywags and flat footed landlubbers remember that this Friday is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." An important day to be sure, right up there with the Forth of July and such!!!!!!! So remember to talk like a pirate this Friday!!!!!!

One of me fine fellows, the great pirate - Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!!!!!

One of the most famous pirates in history - Blackbeard!!!!!!!!!!!

Me personal role model and favorite pirate - Captain Barbossa and his wee monkey a name of Jack!!!!!!

Speaking of sea adventures, I would like to share a little now about the really cool "Undersea Adventures of Captain Eli" event we had last Wednesday here at ImaginOn!!!!!! First let me repeat how much I love this Graphic Novel. To see my original review of it just click: Here!!!! To see the status of the Graphic Novel in the library system click here: The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli.

At the event we placed Capt'n Eli Posters around the library with trivia questions. After the trivia questions were answered, we gave out all sorts of really cool Capt'n Eli stuff (Cups & T-Shirts), cards for the most excellent Capt'n Eli game, let those who participated be the very first people to check out the brand new Graphic Novel (Volume 1; Volume 2 is coming out next month!!!!!!!) and bestowed upon everyone who participated official Seasearcher Membership with all it's rights and privileges. It really was a great time, but enough of me talking take a look for yourself:

Two intrepid Seasearchers figuring out the answers to the trivia questions posted around the library!!!!!!

The same two unstoppable Seasearchers showing off their newly
acquired Cups and the Capt'n Eli Graphic Novels they got to check out!!!!!

A brave solo Seasearcher also collecting a very sweet Cup and getting the Graphic Novel to Check out!!!!!!!

Look at these guys. How much can you hold in four hands????? Lets see Cups, Graphic Novels, Game Cards and Seasearcher Memberships!!!!! Wow, everything but a T-Shirt!!!!!

Wait a minute!!!! Here are the T-Shirts!!!!!!

Ah!!!!!!! Another Seasearcher showing off his newly acquired, very cool T-Shirt!!!!! But surly this is not all he obtained?????

Of Course not!!!!! Here is our Seasearcher with the very hip Capt'n Eli Graphic Novel and his newly acquired deck of game cards!!!!!!

Another Brave Seasearcher with Graphic Novel and sweet new T-Shirt!!!!

Remember all who participated to use your Seasearcher Membership Cards to get to locations at the Capt'n Eli Web Site not available to non-members. Well this event was so cool and everyone had such a great time, that all out in the land of blog should stay tuned for when we will have another event of this type. It could be very soon!!!!! Well take it easy all and may the wind always be at yer backsides,



Curious City said...

Those of of here driving the sub that is Capt'n Eli headquarters, welcome the new Seasearchers!

Curious City said...

To get some good practice talking like a pirate visit http://www.sarahlthomson.com and listen to the hilarious reading of, PIRATES, HO! read by Bill Dufris (the voice of Bob the Builder.)

It is a hardy-har-har!

Bruner Boys Beware said...

Did I mention that Austin is STILL wearing the shirt?!?!
We returned the book to Master Zach on the vessel in Matthews... he was very glad to have received such a LOOT! ARRRRRRRRRRR.
What is a pirates favorite letter of the alphabet? RRRRRRRRRRRRR.