Saturday, September 27, 2008

Darth Bill is a Dufuss and I Loved the Book

I am having difficulty writing this post because I know us guys need to band together to fight off the hostile takeover by the girls, but I must point out how WRONG Darth Bill is about, "The Deathly Hallows."

I know it must be difficult for a Sith to read a long book, but that is no reason to say it isn't very good! I encourage all readers (boys and girls alike), to cast a vote saying just how WRONG Bill's comment was!!! Just remember a true Jedi does the right thing and only votes once. We can win this vote with honor, don't fall to the dark side and cheat!

In my Jedi opinion, this book was the perfect end to one of the greatest series of all time. Okay, now we can get back to making sure those girls don't take over our blog.



The Bruner Boys finished up THE RIVER. IT WAS DULL.
Nothing DANGEROUS... just harrowing raft down a waterfall and a grownup struck by lightning into a coma. ALWAYS nice to see grown-ups get struck by lightning and zapped unconcious. We need some DANGEROUS BEASTS and HARROWING ESCAPES. We are looking for another read-aloud for family time today here at the Matthews library. Maybe the BONES book.

We are holding Master Zach hostage in the Millenium Falcon Mini-Van tomorrow until we get the second CAPTAIN ELI book from Darth Bill.

Austin is STILL wearing the shirt and drinking chocolate milk from the sacred cup.

Keagen gives two HUGE thumbs up to the Hardy Boys Graphic Novel Series. We almost snatched them all up so far and Keagen got one to KEEP at the book sale at Imaginon for only 50 CENTS!!!

By the way... Gary Paulsen has a book out about puberity... did you know... I am not sure we are BRAVE enough for that book... plus thinking about BODY ODOR and GIRLS is SOOOOOO THE DARK SIDE if you know what I mean.


Bruner Boys Beware said...

BTW!!! Did you know MASTER JEDI ZACH is an EAGLE SCOUT? That is why he is a MASTER JEDI...