Monday, September 22, 2008

Lord Vader Steps Up to Defend the Boys!

Hello, everyone, it's Carl once again. We have a new review from our old friend Lord Vader (otherwise known as Mikie). In fact, he sent us two reviews this time! I don't know if he wrote to defend the blog from the sneaky and underhanded hostile takeover attempt from the girls at Ms. Smith's fourth-grade class at Metrolina Regional Scholar's Academy, but, since he is a guy, I will add it to those who have so nobly aided our cause. Let's hear what Lord Vader has to say:

I just finished "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by J. K. Rowling. It had been a while since I had seen the movie so I forgot a lot about the story. Every time the Dementors would start making Harry hear his mom I didn't want to read anymore. But I finally finished it and I'm glad I did. I really liked how Harry and Hermione got a "do over" with Serious and Buckbeak. I wish you could do that in real life. I also liked Hogsmeade. My mom told me there is a town with little shops kind of like in the book up by where I was born. It's called Salem, Massachusetts. I would recommend this book to others, but since it is a little more darker than the beginning ones I would tell readers to make sure they read it in the daytime. Especially about the kiss the dementors give. The book is really descriptive.

I also read "Michael Phelps" by Jeffrey Zuehlke. It's about Michael's awesome career and how he got started in it. I think he is great and loved reading about him. I can't wait to read his other one that talks about his training and diet.

Mikie (a.k.a. Lord Vader)

Another good one, Lord Vader! Or, I should say, another good two!! No girl would dare take over our blog with Lord Vader on our team. In fact, here's a warning to anyone would mess with the great Sith lord:

There you go! You have been warned!

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Lord Vader said...

I just finished my next book in the Narnia series. It was called "The Horse and his Boy" by C. S. Lewis. It was alright, but I wish the battle scene would have been a bit longer. It was a little easy to tell what was going to happen in this one. I can't wait to go onto the Price Caspian book.

Mikie (a.k.a Lord Vader)