Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Cool Percy Jackson Site, The Last Olympian, and The 39 Clues

Hey, guys, it's Carl. I get a message last week from someone named Deasy who runs a very cool Percy Jackson fan website (fansite) called PercyQuest and she wanted to add our blog to her Top Affiliates. So I said, "Sure!" and now it's up there, right on the front page. THANKS, Deasy!!!! I checked out the site and, as I said, it's very cool. There are forums, a blog, links to other PJ fansites, and there will be places for fan art and fiction. There's even a link to place to learn Roamn numerals! There are links to the books PLUS links to three PJ SHORT STORIES, including one called "The Bronze Dragon", which I had never heard of. You can read it online. It's good!! I also found out that the title to Percy Jackson 5 is out--it's called The Last Olympian. Deasy talks about it on her site. Check it out at Percy Quest or go to http://www.percyquest.com/ This site is so cool and Deasy is so great for making us a Top Affiliate that we're going to give her the highest honor we can bestow and make her an Honorary Guy. You deserve it!

While I was on her site, I also checked out Rick Riordan' latest project, The 39 Clues. This is a very exciting project that Scholastic publishers and Mr. Riordan started.There will be a series of ten books. The basic premise is that two kids get involved in a chance to solve a mystery that could change (or save) human history. But it's dangerous--so dangerous that they're given the choice to solve the mystery and become unbelievably rich (while possibly losing their lives) or taking one million dollars on the spot and walking away. What would you do? Well, the kids obviously choose to take up the challenge and find that they must go around the world and find 39 clues. But there are other people, some who are not friendly, who have also looking for the clues. Does this sound good so far? Well, there's a whole lot more! Each book in the series will be written by a famous kid's author. Rick Riordan has done the first one; Gordon Korman, who wrote the terrifically exciting Island trilogy and the hilarious No More Dead Dogs, will write the second. I went from Percy Quest to Rick Riordan's blog and the 39 Clues website to check all this out and got hooked!! I read an excerpt from the first book, The Maze of Bones and, wow, was it great!! This book has the potential to be every bit as exciting as the PJ books. But there's a whole lot more--as I said, this book is the first in a series of 10 books! But wait--there's more!! Not only are there books, but there is also an online game in which you can look for the clues and win prizes. And there are collectible cards to go with the books and game. BUT WAIT, THERE'S EVEN MORE--the first book, The Maze of Bones, will be made into a movie directed by none other than Steven Spielberg!!! Man, this all sounds exciting!! The Maze of Bones has been released today. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library system has ordered several copies and I have one on hold. You can do the same. What are you waiting for? Go check out Rick Riordan's blog and The 39 Clues sites and then go online or go to your local library and request your copy now!!! And if you play the game or read the book, tell me what you think!
PS--Don't forget to go to Bill's Capt'n Eli event here at Imaginon tomorrow from 4-6. Plenty of time to get there after school. Click here to find out more.

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