Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Bruner Boys Beware on Gary Paulsen, Evil Webkinz, and Old T-shirts

Hey, everyone, it's Carl and I was thrilled to see four new comments from the Bruner Boys Beware:
The Bruner Boys finished up THE RIVER. IT WAS DULL. Nothing DANGEROUS... just harrowing raft down a waterfall and a grownup struck by lightning into a coma. ALWAYS nice to see grown-ups get struck by lightning and zapped unconcious. We need some DANGEROUS BEASTS and HARROWING ESCAPES. We are looking for another read-aloud for family time today here at the Matthews library. Maybe the BONES book.

We are holding Master Zach hostage in the Millenium Falcon Mini-Van tomorrow until we get the second CAPTAIN ELI book from Darth Bill.

Austin is STILL wearing the shirt and drinking chocolate milk from the sacred cup. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!Keagen gives two HUGE thumbs up to the Hardy Boys Graphic Novel Series. We almost snatched them all up so far and Keagen got one to KEEP at the book sale at Imaginon for only 50 CENTS!!!

By the way... Gary Paulsen has a book out about puberity... did you know... I am not sure we are BRAVE enough for that book... plus thinking about BODY ODOR and GIRLS is SOOOOOO THE DARK SIDE if you know what I mean.

DUDE! We read this book and LOVED IT!!! We especially liked it because we started a lawn mowing business this summer... I DO HAVE TO SAY... we agreed that having a RIDING MOWER will make you MORE RICH and LESS CRANKY... because ours is a push mower and we think it STINKS! BUT we are hoping to get RICH.GOOD BOOK!

NEW SHIRTS! Should we tell Austin?!?! AND I have run across some VERY DANGEROUS and VICIOUS webkinz... one is the PINK POODLE... BEWARE!!! This one was especially hard to stop with the FORCE.... we had to resort to the DROID DECAR thingy.

BTW!!! Did you know MASTER JEDI ZACH is an EAGLE SCOUT? That is why he is a MASTER JEDI...

Outstanding work, Bruner Boys!! It's too bad that you didn't like The River but Lawn Boy sure was good, wasn't it? Funny!! And I didn't know the Hardy Boys Graphic novels would be so good. Now you've got me wanting one and I think all of ours are checked out!
Just to let you know, Zack is not only a Jedi but a Jedi Master and may be more tha you can handle, if it's only overnight! Never underestimate a Jedi master or an Eagle Scout!
Darth Bill is doing his best to get the second Capt'n Eli book out to everyone. Be patient. After all, as Darth Bill would say, the Death Star wasn't built in a day! And I'll let him comment on the best way to deal with evil webkinz--though I think a droid decar is a good idea. PS--Two weeks, same shirt? Yeah, a new shirt would definitely be a good idea!

That's four comments in one day! I don't know if you realize it, but you have just shot 4 major blasts at the mean and sneaky girls who have tried a hostile takover of our blog. If they are too low and underhanded to understand the goodness and generosity of boys, maybe they'll understand our overwhelming numbers!!

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