Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, No! It's War Again!

OK, guys, we've got a MAJOR problem on our hands. These girls at the Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, despite all our efforst to be kind, gentle, generous, and peaceloving, are still trying to take over our blog!!! Can you believe it?? The whole world stands shocked at the mean and sneaky girls who refused our offers of peace and brotherhood, even ignored our great compliment in saying that they acted like boys!! Well, then, there is only one thing to do---DEFEND OURSELVES!!!!!!

What--you don't believe me? Well, here is the proof from Mary, who read Sophia's review today:

This is a cool review. I think you should read Danny the Champion of the World and other Roald Dahl books, too.

By the way, I am Sophia's friend, also from Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy, and she and some of my other friends from school are trying to do a hostile takeover!

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid was a great book, too! I really thought it was funny. There's a sequel to it, too. It's called Rodrick Rules. That book's good, too.

~Mary from Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy (MRSA)

Pretty good, Mary! A lot of kids have also talked about how much they liked the Diary of a Wimpy kids books and...Wait a minute, I almost forgot myself!! We're in the middle of a hostile takeover!! We need your help, guys!! Write in those reviews! All you boys at Metrolina Regional--are you going to let this happen?? And all you boys out there in blog land?? Will you help us in this time of need?? Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their blog!!
Defending the castle to the last stroke of the keyboard,

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