Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Writes Again!

Our old friend, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, from the Guys Read blog has sent us a note:

Hey guys,
Sorry i haven't been on in forever!! =[ Anyways, I've heard about the series and it sounds pretty good. I'll remember to pick them up if I'm not busy reading something else, like "Monster" by Frank Peretti, which is what I'm reading right now.

Good to hear from you again, HJD! He commented to us from the Boys Are Peacemakers post of today, so he must be talking about the Girls Against the Boys series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I just started reading it. I'm also about to start The Maze of Bones. I've got my cards out and will register them tonight. Monster sounds like a good read. I read Frank Peretti's book This Present Darkness several years ago and never forgot it! REALLY good!! Lots of action and good spirits vs bad spirits. I can still picture the battle, suspense, and scary scenes! Go get it, guys!


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