Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You See, Boys ARE Peacemakers!

If you ever needed proof that boys are generous, noble, peaceloving souls, let no further than this blog!! We have a comment from our friend Anonymous who posted a review last week but didn't say if he were for the boys or girls. (I tried to post this last Thursday, but a lot of computer problems stopped me) Here's his comment:

Anonymous here! Put my vote with the guys! Girls are ok and I too hope we all simply read and share that love for reading. I thought reveiwing a book with both a girl and a guy as the main characters should show if we work together we all can win! PEACE!

Well done, Anonymous! Here is the proof of the greatness of boys; even though the girls went for a mean and sneaky hostile takeover of our blog, a boy extended the olive branch of peace to them. How noble! How... excuse me--sniff, sniff--I'm just overcome with the goodness of boys, even to their mean and sneaky opponents. Well, now that I've got control of myself, I think it's time to put this battle to an end. No girls have written back to us, so they are obviously ashamed of their low behavior and ceased their hostile taeover. Besides, we have made them Honorary Guys and...I'm sorry, I'm getting choked up again--sniff, sniff, snifffffflllee!--it's time to let us all read together as brothers.

All this, of course, reminds me of books. Specificaly, it reminds me of the Girls Against the Boys series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. She wrote that great book Shiloh, one of the great boy-and-his-dog stories of all time. Well, in this series, the Hartford brothers, who live in Buckman, West Virgina, are waiting for their new neighbors to arrive. Their best friends, the Benson brothers, have moved to Georgia and the Hartfords are expecting some more boys to move into the house. Imagine thier surprise when three girls move in!! The boys decide to amke the girls' lives so miserable by playing practical jokes on them that they'll move away, but they didn't count on the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Malloy sisters! They use their smarts to match the boys trick for trick! Who finally wins? You'll have to read and find out! There are twelve books in the series, one for each month of that school year:

The Boys Start the War (remember, this is a work of fiction--no boy would ever start a war!)

These books are supposed to be funny. To be honest, since I'm a boy, I have to let you know that I haven't read them. But, also since I'm a boy, I'll lead by example and start reading the first one. Who's with me? Any one out there want to read them with me and tell us what you think?



Bruner Boys Beware said...

Well, we are finishing up THE RIVER, by Paulsen. We liked HATCHET because it is GRIPPING and DANGEROUS. THE RIVER is not really as exciting yet, but we are hoping for some NEAR DEATH experiences this week near the end. Maybe a 10 foot BEAR or something horrible like a BROKEN BONE.
Austin is reading THE SUGAR CREEK GANG there is 60 of them in the series he says...hmmmm.
We also finished reading Jake Maddox books from Imaginon including BOARD REBEL, GO KART RUSH, and BMX BUDDY. These are great Keg says and perfect for the errand trips in the car.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan said...

Hey guys,

Sorry i haven't been on in forever!! =[ Anyways, I've heard about the series and it sounds pretty good. I'll remember to pick them up if I'm not busy reading something else, like "Monster" by Frank Peretti, which is what I'm reading right now.