Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello to a New Percy Jackson Fan! And Cyber Kid Wins Silver and Bronze!

Well, he's new to us at Imaginon. This is Eshaan, who is a fan and came by the library and asked about a PJ book club. I had to tell him that we'd already had ours during the summer and maybe he could talk to one of the other libraries and see if they'd do one. BUT--since Mr. and Mrs. Riordan have been so generous, I was able to give him a cool Camp Half-Blood Tshirt!! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Riordan!! Hope you enjoy your shirt, Eshaan. Write to us sometime. You could get a free book!

Speaking of getting frre books, cyber kid 303 has indeed won both the silver and bronze medals in our Olympics of Reading contest. Say---can one guy win two prizes? Never been done before! Wel...why not?? The Olympics of Reading Committee will have to consult with each other (bzzz, bzzz, whisper, whisper), and we've made a new rule! Come and get both medals, cyber kid. The silver was the choice of 2 books from our giveaway shelves and the bronze was the Max Axionm CD-ROM. So that gives you 2 books and a CD-ROM! Well done! If you have any questions, contact Carl.

The Olympics of Reading Committee (and Carl)

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