Sunday, June 5, 2011

Got It Done!

Yes, everyone, the Iron Guy may get tired but he does not flinch from his duty! I've come to the end the 48 Hour Book Challenge and have made not just 14 but a full FIFTEEN hours of reading, listening, and social network time. For all of you who may have worried that I would pass out from my exertions, put away your fears. I am fresh and ready to pick the next book worthy of sharing with all you guys--after a good night's sleep, of course. 

Yesterday I put in 7 1/2 hours worth of time. Today I did the same. Here is what I read:

Lunch Box Dream by Tony Abbott (haven't finished it but it's good)
Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper (haven't finished this one either but it's good too)
The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer (a grownup book)
The Charlotte Observer (our newspaper)
The Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States by Gordon S. Wood (another grownup book that's good)

and I listened to some more of The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis as read by Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Jean-luc Picard) It turns out that I was able to listen to one audiobook over the weekend, not just one hour as I said yesterday. 

Some people kept detailed records of how much time they spent on each book and my hat is off to them. I didn't do it (it's hard to record time with the sweat of effort in your eyes) but today's time, as I said, amounted to 7 1/2 hours for a grand total of fifteen. Some people read 20 plus and 30 plus hours. Our good friend Ms. Yingling read 35 hours! My hat is wayyyy off to her.

My cause was the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. The rules say that I'm supposed to tell you how much money was raised but I can't do that yet because I won't know for a while. Some people have donated already (including author and great guy Alan Silberberg) but several won't donate until after the Challenge is over and I notify them of how many hours I read. So I'll let you know when I find out. If you would like to donate, go this post and find out how. 

Thanks to all you who have written and to those who have donated. Thank you, Ms. Pam of Motherreader for hosting it. This was a great experience and I look forward to next year's Challenge. And go out and find the books I've mentioned! 


Ms. Yingling said...

Ahhhh... I'm your good friend. I feel special. I am also extremely punchy from lack of sleep! Think about this: how many of your friends (or even other library workers) read for 15 hours of the weekend? You do, in fact, rule!

MotherReader said...

Great job on your reading! Thanks for playing!

Iron Guy Carl said...

Thank you both. Hope you sleep long, peacefully and deep tonight, Ms. Yingling. You are indeed our good friend. You've been with us a long time and given us a lot of support. And it's really the boys, not me, who rule. I'm here to help them find good stuff. Although, if you have a crown nearby, I'll be glad to wear it.