Monday, June 6, 2011

Michael Writes Again!

The Iron Guy is not one to rest on his laurels. Lesser mortals would be content to bask in the glow of completing the 48 Hour Book Challenge, but not me. I'm back at it again, letting you boys know about more good books. Actually, it's our old friend Michael, King of Books and Time Travel, who's telling you today. He's written another of his first-class reviews.

Titanic, book 1
by Gordan Korman

In this thrilling new book from Gordan Korman, four kids find themselves to be unlikely friends aboard the largest moving man-made structure ever built: the Titanic. Paddy is a stowaway escaping from a rich gangster that he stole from. The gangster is out to kill Paddy, but the boy is safe on the ship... right? Alfie is one year underage, but he's lied about it and is given a job on the huge vessel. But when Alfie and Paddy learn the truth about each other, will one turn the other in? Sophie is being kicked out of England because of her mother's obsession with women's rights to the point of breaking the law. Sophie becomes close friends with Juliana, or Julie for short. Julie is the daughter of the 17th earl of Glamford, but her father drinks and gambles, so how long can they afford their baord on the ship? And when the two girls find out about the two boys, who will have the upperhand on the other? It's a very well-written book to start off another one of Gordan Korman's famous trilogies! In the future look for book 2: Collision Course, and book 3: S. O. S.

Thanks, Michael! Gordon Korman is one terrific writer. I really enjoyed his Island trilogy. The Titanic storywould make for a very exciting read, especially in his hands. Can't wait to hear about the other two books! How about the rest of you? Have you read any Gordon Korman books? Let us know!


Ms. Yingling said...

Thanks, Michael! My students have already been asking for this series, so I will order them for the fall. You make the first one sound really good!

Anonymous said...

I will have to read this book thanks to you michael. I also think you should try the tales of a fourth grade nothing series it is about this fourth grader who has this little brother named F