Monday, June 10, 2013

Finish Line

Must be brief today--busy day ahead. I'll recap what I said last night. I completed two books, Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor and The Basket Counts by Matt Christopher plus some some inspirational grownup reading (like Centuries of Meditations by Thomas Traherne, a wonderful book from a man iN the 1600's) for a total of seven and a half hours and about 380 pages. Not very impressive, you say? Well, not really--especially when you compare my effort to Ms. Yingling, who did 30 HOURS!! My MANLY hat is off to you! But I had many other things to do this weekend, so I read when I could. So remember, guys, give things your best shot, even when things get in the way, and you'll be a MANLY MAN like the IRON GUY!!


Ms. Yingling said...

Hey, any excuse to read. And since this weekend didn't work out, maybe you can talk your family into an Iron Guy weekend o'reading! The Susan Cooper was interesting, but not something my students really ask for. I'm taking it to our school secretary today to see what she thinks. Not Cooper's usual stuff.

Liviania said...

Seven hours is a decent time when you're busy. ^_^

Shelley said...

Seven and a half hours is better than none, right? I only read two books, and I read them very slowly! Life is busy, especially for a MANLY MAN :)