Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Boys From the Read to Achieve Club Collect Their Rewards!

Greetings, fellow reader guys!You may remember that the boys from the Read to Achieve club at Eastover Elementary School in Charlotte sent it a bunch of great book reviews. (See that post here) You may also remember that all boys can come to the Myers Park library and pick out a free book from our ultra-cool prize box after they send in their first reviews. Well, the awesome guys from the club came here last week to do just that. Here are a bunch of photos, showing off these great guys and their great prizes.

First, we have Jakobe C. He chose a book called Alien Detection.

Hotboy (also known as Giovanni) chose a Fantastic Four comic.

Nathaniel #F16 got this great book called How Football Works--see my review review here.

Zaire picked a t-shirt from our Novello reading festival.

Izaiah got a t-shirt featuring a terrific book called The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones--see my review here.

Chicken Master (aka Jalen) chose a Hiruku graphic novel.

Coco Bird (aka Freddy) found the book Future Wings--

--while Shark Boy (aka Shawn) got a yo-yo--

--and so did Jackson (aka Jestevie)!

Well done, men! Keep those reviews coming in, especially over the summer. And fell free to comment on this post or any others. You all are proof that--

Boys Rule--BOYS READ!!

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Lisa said...

This is so cool--what a great program!