Monday, April 11, 2016

Beverly Cleary's 100th Birthday!

Hey there, all you reader guys. The Iron Guy is very excited about a milestone birthday. On Tuesday, April 12, author Beverly Cleary will celebrate her 100th birthday!! Now just living to 100 is awesome enough but when you think about---

Wait a minute---

Did somebody out there say, "Who's Beverly Cleary?"

Oh, man, have I got something to tell you then!

Beverly Cleary has been one of the most popular authors for kids for a long time. Especially for guys. Her books have entertained guys for many, many years. They are still funny and kids still relate to them. After all, even if they were written way back in the day, they still deal with things kids are dealing with today. Adopting a dog. Seeing that dog go amok in the neighborhood. Finding ways to earn money. Bratty kids in the neighborhood. Families trying to find ways to get by.

Ramona the Pest
And, speaking of bratty kids in the neighborhood, just wait until you meet Ramona Quimby!! 

Yep, Ramona the Pest. Ramona the royal pain. Ramona, possibly the funniest kid in any book you'll ever read. 

But there are plenty of other memorable characters and situations in her books, so if you haven't read any of her books, though I bet several of you already have, I would love to know if you've read any of her books. Iwould really love it if you sent in reviews! And I'm going to give you some incentive. I've got some cool door hangers and I'll give one out to any boy who sends in a review of a Beverly Cleary book. That includes listening to a Beverly Cleary audiobook. (you could see a review of one here)

Yes, indeed, guys, one of these cool door hangers that says, "Discover new trails...Read!" could be yours! Just send me a review of a Beverly Cleary book or audiobook by--well, since her birthday is tomorrow, I'll give you two weeks to send them in. I'll give a door hanger for any review sent in through Saturday, April 23. Got that? Then start reading and reviewing. The Iron Guy and lots of other guys out there are waiting to hear from you!!


Ms. Yingling said...

I have original 1950/60s editions of Fifteen, The Luckiest Girl, and several others. They have marvelous Joe and Beth Krush illustrations that haven't made the later editions. Sigh. I think I may have to celebrate tomorrow by reading some! We have testing, so we won't be having a celebration.

Emily Fields said...

I loved reading through many of Beverly Cleary's books as a kid. Just today, I picked up Ramona Quimby, Age 8 off of our bookshelf and recommended it to a few students. I think we will celebrate her birthday this week by discussing some of our favorites together. Thanks for the reminder, Iron Guy!