Monday, April 4, 2016

Reid Scores Even More Points--Including a Two-Pointer!

Man, oh, man, the excitement just keeps growing! The Iron Guy (that's me!) is thrilled to report that we have two more reviews from our friend Reid. Let's not waste any time but hear what he has to say:

Spy CampSpy Camp by Stuart Gibbs is about the same kid from my review of Spy School, Ben Ripley who goes to a camp that is survival training for agents attending Spy School. There the same organization tries to capture Ben. Ben tries to leave camp secretly but fails when SPYDER, the organization tracks him. He is saved by his girlfriend Erica and Erica's dad who is a spy that takes the credit of things awesome spies did so everyone thinks he is the best spy ever. Then Erica's grandpa comes in to save them but SPYDER revealed that they were going for Cyrus, the grandpa and captures Erica and Cyrus.
This book is fun because it keeps me guessing at every turn. It is exciting and always has my attention.
Read the book to find out if Ben can save his friends or if he will also be lured into the trap!

That's great, Reid! I asked the other day if you had read any other book in this series and it look like you have! Have you read Evil Spy School yet?

The Boys Start the WarThe Boys Start The War by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is about three boys that live in a house and have best friends that live in a next door house and then their best friends move to Georgia and have their house for rent the new family that moves in has three girls. The boys want their friends back so they start a war on the girls. The girls fight back when school comes. They play all sorts of tricks on each other. The book is intriguing and keeps me guessing at the turns. It is funny and hooks me onto the series. I love this book and I hope you do to if you read it.

Thanks, Reid! You have really scored big, not only on the game but also with me. The Boys vs Girls series are one of my all-time favorites and I hope you read all of them. You will smile, laugh and keep guessing a lot. If you'd like to see what I've said about them, click on the "Boys vs Girls"  tab under this post. Ms Reynolds was also nice enough to give me an interview and answer some questions about those books--check out that interview here.

Right. Let's check the new standings:
REID--10 points
GRAM--2 points
JUDE--1 point

Look at that! Reid just keeps burning them in like Steph Curry! Is there any stopping him? Well, there is still time to send in more reviews, boys! Got some more, Gram? Jude? Reid? Anyone else? The final NCAA Tournament game is tonight  (GO CAROLINA!) but you have until midnight tomorrow night, that's April 5, to send more reviews and earn more points. We deserve to have an epic finish to the March Madness of Reading Contest!!

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