Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Shots (including a Three-Pointer) and A New Friend! The Excitements Builds!

Hey, guys, this is me, Iron Guy Carl, back to post the latest results for the March Madness of Reading Contest. Sorry this took me so long but I was gone for a week for Spring Break vacation. Now I'm back and am exited to share these new reviews with you.

The first is from our friend Reid. He has been lighting up the boards like Michael Jordan in his prime

Spy SchoolSpy School by Stuart Gibbs is about a kid named Ben Ripley who goes into CIA school and is trained to be a spy. He is taught to do all sorts of things. He makes a friend named Murray. But then a mole is in the school. The mole tries to kill Ben but fails when hiring an assassin. The crook tries and tries. Then Ben makes a girlfriend who helps him from the danger.
I love this book because it keeps me on the edge of my seat and guessing at the turns. Also it has a lot to do with friendships. I like how the author in this book describes it very very well so it is like I am the character.
But do you think Ben and his girlfriend, Erica can catch the mole fast enough before one of them gets captured? Read the book to see!!

Thanks, Reid! I've heard some good things about this book, especially from our good friend, Ms. Yingling. This book is a series now--I'd love to hear what you think about the other two.

But wait--there's more! Reid sent us another review--and it's of one of my favorites

Big Bad Ironclad by Nathan Hale is about the history of the Civil War and how the South and the North battled. I like it because it is a fun retelling of part of the Civil War. Also it is surprisingly a fiction story. They turn it into a fun comic so it is not so long and boring. In this book I learned to be persistent and have hope in bad times and you will end up on top. That is why I think this is a great book that you should read too. It is one of my favorites because it not only has one of my favorite lessons it is also funny. Also I learned a lot about the Civil War that I never knew about before. This book makes me want to read more in the series. I hope you read it too.

Oh, yeah! Oh,yeah! Thanks a bunch, Reid. I absolutely LOVE these Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales graphic novels. (see my review here) They are fun, exciting and a good way to learn stories from history. (guess what, Reid--this story's not fiction! It really happened! The author just found a fun way to tell it) There are a least four books in this series, so, as the author says, read them all--if you dare!

Danger Down the NileBut wait--there's even more!! We have a new review from a new friend. His name is Jude and he goes to Charlotte Lab school along with Gram. Let's see what Jude has read and liked:

My book is Treasure Hunters, Danger Down The Nile by James Patterson. This book is about these two twins and their big sister and brother on a journey to find their missing parents. Their last name was Kidds. Through the journey they realize that their parents went missing on purpose. The kidds have enemies along the way like this dude named Nathan Collier. In the end the Kidds are in China to talk the Chinese people to give them the treasure. The Kidds found treasure that belonged to the Chinese culture to free their mom and find their dad. The Kidds are famous because there father was a famous treasure hunter. I like the book because it has adventure. 

Thanks, Jude! James Patterson writes really exciting books and guys enjoy them. To be honest, the Iron Guy has not read any of them but that may have to change.

OK--let's update the standings. But before I do, let me point something out. If you go back to the rules of this contest, you'll see that a review of any of the Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales graphic novels are worth three points. So, in light of that, here are the new standings:
GRAM--2 points
JUDE--1 point

Right now Reid has a commanding lead but that could change at any time. After all, Kansas got upset in the NCAA tournament and some people expected them to win it all. So, will Reid hold on to his lead or will Gram burn in a few more and change the score? Or will Ladd come up from behind? Oh, the excitement mounts! Remember that you have through April 5. That means Tuesday. I'll accept reviews all through that day, which is the day after the final game of the tourney. Plenty of time for more excitement! The Final Four is on tonight but the thrills of the March Madness of Reading Contest continues for three more days!

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That was an awesome review Jude!! I am happy to see that you joined the blog. You are the only person except for me who joined the blog from CLS who was from CLS!