Thursday, November 3, 2016

Extra Innings!

Wow, did you see last night's game? What an unbelievable end to an epic series! A hard-fought battle, a come-from-behind score and extra innings. Then the Cubs won their first championship in 108 years! People will talk about this Series for a long time. 
Well, just like last night's game went into a tie, guess what? The World Series of Reading Contest has gone into a tie! That's because our friend Reid has made an eighth-inning hit that tied the game. He sent a review last night that tied the score with our friend Justin. Let's see what Reid has read:

I have read Frank Einstein and really like it because it is so funny. I had never thought that it was possible to make science and engineering that hilarious. Also I really like the fact that they put diagrams to show what they are talking about. That way I can literally follow along like I'm actually doing it. I'll say that this book would be great to anybody who likes science, engineering, challenges, and projects. 

Thanks, Reid! I really enjoyed that book. (see my review here) Jon Sciezska writes terrific stuff and runs a really good website about books boys will like. Well, that review was worth one point and your review of Spy School was worth two points, so that gives you a total of three points, tying your score with Justin's.

Hmmmmm--this has never happened before. What should we do?

Of course! We'll go into EXTRA INNINGS!

That means that Justin and Reid (or any other boys) have until midnight on Sunday to send in some more reviews. I'll post the results Monday afternoon. (I won't be at the library this weekend) OK, guys? Step up to that plate and swing for the back fences!
Oh, man, doesn't everyone enjoy an exciting World Series?

PS--while we're continuing the game, watch this blog later today for a surprise event!

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Joanne Roberts said...

Thanks. "E" wants to invent things, especially robots, so it sounds like he'll like this book. Awesome.