Thursday, November 3, 2016

If Boys Could Vote---

---then who would be president? Good question! Based on what the Iron Guy has seen over the years,  especially from the books boys have read, these would be some of the choices:

Harry Potter
Party: The Magical Thinking Party
Slogan: "If you listen to most candidates, they sound like they'll solve all our problems by magic. Why not elect a REAL magician?"

Luke Skywalker
Party: The Light Side of the Force
Slogan: "I can fly an X-wing, I have Jedi training and the Force is with me. What more could you want?"

The Incredible Hulk
Party: The REALLY Green Party
Slogan: "Hulk SMASH nation's problems!!"

Willie Wonka
Party: Candy for Everyone Party
Slogan: "Good children get chocolate. Bad children get flushed down tubes. That's a lesson kids and grownups would do well to remember."

Hey! HEY!! Wait a minute!!

Yes, who's there?

It's me, Annabeth Chase. What makes you think only boys can run for president? There's a female running right now!

Yeah, you're right. OK, let's hear your info:

 Didn't I already tell you my name?

Yes, you did.

All right, then. my party is the RAD Party (Real Athena Daughters--sorry about the lame title. Percy came up with it)
Slogan: "We ancient Greeks invented democracy!"

Very well, everybody, there's a poll on the right-hand side of this blog that lets you vote. Here's your chance, boys, girls and grownups. Make your choice! Let your voice be heard! This poll will close at 11:00 pm on November 8 and I'll announce the results on November 9. May the best candidate win!


cleemckenzie said...

Love the choices! If there was a woman up for the vote here, I'd hope you nominate Katniss Everdeen, Hermiione Granger, and Jane Eyre. They'd be great presidential material.

Joanne Roberts said...

Aaagh! You made it hard to decide! Hmm.....