Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Reid Steps Up to the Plate

Just as the World Series has gone to the last day by a Chicago Cubs win, the World Series of Reading Contest has gone to the last day by the sudden appearance of our good friend Reid. He has sent us a review of Spy School by Stuart Gibbs. Let's hear what he thought about the book:

Spy SchoolI think Spy Camp by Stuart Gibbs is a great book because it catches your attention immediately and dives right in without any stops along the way. It's the follow up to Spy School and is just as good. It is about a boy named Ben who is being targeted by an enemy organization named SPYDER. But after a little while they realize that that was all just a setup to lure a great spy out of hiding. They capture him and he gives up the coordinates to a place where the president and some british leaders are staying. Can Ben stop their nefarious plans once again or will SPYDER take their lives???

Thanks, Reid! Wow, this book sure is popular! Two boys have reviewed it for the contest. I must read some of these books one day. Anyhow, reviews of this book are worth two points, making it a Double. That puts Reid right behind Justin, who has three points. Will Reid hit another Double and pass Justin? Will Justin take a swing with another review and score more points? Or will someone else come out of the blue and upset these two front runners? Don't forget that you boys have until midnight tonight to send in reviews and get points. I'll announce the winner around the middle of the day tomorrow.

The Chicago Cubs--The Cleveland Indians--one of these teams will be the World Series champion before tomorrow. And Justin, Reid or another boy will be the champion of the World Series of Reading before tomorrow as well. Who will it be?? Oh, the tension mounts!

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