Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The People Speak!

We held a poll called "If Boys Could Vote, Who Would Be President?" with Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, The Incredible Hulk, Willy Wonka and Annabeth Chase as candidates. People voted and guess who won?

That's right--Annabeth Chase! It was a close race. Luke Skywalker came in second with HarryvbPotter next and Willy Wonka last. Poor Hulk got no votes ("Hulk sit in cave and cry now!") Thanks for participating, everyone.

And watch this blog over the next week or so. A new book (well actually, the final book in a series) is coming out that the Iron Guy truly is excited about. Not just excited but over the top, beside himself, counting down the days until it's here excited. What is it?? Stay tuned!!

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cleemckenzie said...

Wow! The girl rules. Amazing and wonderful.