Friday, October 5, 2007

3 Quick Picks

Hey, everyone, it's Carl. It's been busy today, so I'm going to be quick. Here are 3 graphic novels that I really enjoyed. The first 2 come from the Disney Adventures magazine. One is Gorilla Gorilla by Art Baltazar. It's really funny. The stories are short, only one to three pages, but they're funny. Gorilla Gorilla is a giant hero who constantly fights the giant evil Lizard Lizard. However, when he's normal-sized, he shares an apartment with his best friend Lizard. But for some reason, everytime he has to change into Gorilla Gorilla, his firend Lizard disappears. Could Lizard really be.... Read this one to find out--and to laugh.

The next one is Kid Gravity (by several people) It's a combination of science fiction, action, and humor. Kid Gravity attends a school in the distant future that trains kids to be Science Heroes--or Science Villains. Kid Gravity wants to be the greatest hero the galaxy has ever known but his arch-rival Kid Apocalypse (who wants to be a Science Villain) always tries to mess him up. That's not hard to do, since Kid Gravity doesn't always pay attention in class. Do these two decide the fate of the galaxy? Well, actually, they usually end up on the detention asteroid! You'll love this one. I did!
The last one is Baron: The Cat Returns by Aoi Hiiragi. The main character is a girl but don't let that stop you--the story and artwork are great! Haru has rescued a cat from being run over by a truck. It turns out that this is no ordinary cat, but the son of the King of the Cats. In gratitude, the King offers to marry her to his son, where she could live forever in the magical cat kingdom. She thinks it's a good idea at first but by the time she changes her mind, the cats kidnap her. The only one who could rescue her is The Baron, another magical cat. The story is suspenseful and the artwork!! Wow! It really conveys of a sense of being in another world, something that even the best graphic novels don't do very often.
Have a good weekend. And if you live in the Charlotte area, come to Imaginon and see the Bill of Rights exhibit. It's the actual North Carolina copy of the Bill of Rights. Very old and very valuable and hasn't been seen in public for 140 years! So come on down--the reason we're free to read what we like is because we have a Bill of Rights.

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