Monday, October 1, 2007

Carl's Challenge! Are You Up For It?

Hey, guys, it's Carl. Today is October 1. The last day of this month is the day a lot of us dress up. That got me to thinking about a challenge to all you readers out there. Do you remember Darth Bill's challenge back in August? He said that if he got 5 comments from Jedi readers that he would put on a dress! Well, we got only 4 comments and it didn't happen. But now that it's October, the month to dress up, I'll issue my own challenge. If we get 10 comments from any of you by October 31, I, Carl, will put on a dress and let Bill post the picture. But that's not all---if we get 15 comments by October 31, I'll put on a dress and wig! But that's not all---if we get 20 comments by October 31, I'll put on a dress, wig, and make-up! You heard me! So let's start writing. All you have to do is tell about any book you've read and liked. It could be a chapter book but it could also be a graphic novel, a biography, non-fiction--or one of the books that have been mentioned on this blog. (You can go through the archives to see what books have been talked about) And you don't have to be Sith or Jedi (though you could if you want to), you only need to have read something good.

Hmmm---do you think I should live dangerously and let Bill pick out the dress? Maybe he'll choose the retro Mod look:
Or maybe (gulp!) he'll pick a Princess dress:

Or make me go Country:

We won't know until you write! So let's hear by October 31!

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