Friday, October 12, 2007

Throw That Pass! Run Those Bases! Rah Rah Read!

Hey, guys, didn't Spider-Bill make an awesome post? I have to agree that Cowboy and Octopus is one of the most unusal books of the year. It will make you laugh. Well, since it's the time of year when football and baseball are going on at the same time, I want tell you about a couple of sports books.

The first is Long-Arm Quarterback by Matt Christopher. I hope you know about him already. He writes sports books and I haven't read one yet that I didn't like. Cap Wadell is frustrated because his little Texas town is so small that they can't get enough guys together to make a football team. His grandfather Tully remembers when he was in high school and played with six-person teams; in fact, there was a high school league made of six-person teams. Tully suggests that all the small towns in that area get together and make such a league. Cap's friends get excited at the idea and, before long, there's a league going. Tully agrees to coach Cap's team but there's a problem--Cap's friend Jimmy joins the team. That's not so bad, but Jimmy's grandfather Sable comes along to help coach. Sable used to play on Tully's league on a different team and was a good player. Tully won the championship that year and Sable is still mad about it after all these years. Will that old rivalry tear the team apart? Will Sable ever put his anger away and think about the good of the team? I had to read all the way to the end to find out!

The other is Hey Batta Batta SWING!: The Wild Old Days of Baseball by Sally Cook and James Charlton (great illustrations by Ross McDonald). Did you know that baseball goes way, way back, even to the days of the Civil War? This book talks about baseball from the 1880's to the early days of the 20th Century. There were no pitching mounds in those times. A runner off base could be put out by being hit with the ball. Ow! You'll learn this and other interesting things in this book--like how Babe Ruth got his nickname or why players would put hot sauce on the other team's ball.
OK, guys, hope you cheer your favorite team this weekend and remember to write in if you want to see me in a dress!

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