Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkeys, Pirates and Heroes

Hi, everybody, and happy post-Gobble-Gobble Day. Take a gander (get it, gander? Hahaha, I kill myself) at my new ride and look below. It was kinda an accident but the flame is really cool and helps me see in the dark. On the bad side, setting my pillows on fire every night when I try to go to bed really stinks--along with the no flesh on the face. Oh well, lets talk about some really good books I've read lately:

Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm by Rob Kidd - This is the first in a really great series of books about a much younger Jack Sparrow and his early adventures before the "Black Pearl." In this first book, Jack begins his quest for the famed magical Sword of Cortes. To accomplish this goal he must recruit a crew to man his ship, the Barnacle, which he does very haphazardly, with his first two recruits being a young barmaid named Arabella and a wealthy adventure enthusiast named Fitzwilliam. He also unwittingly makes a very dangerous enemy in the person of the pirate Captain Torrents (a most bloodthirsty pirate by anyone's account), who also wants the Sword of Cortes, and pursues Jack and his crew--and not because he wants to be their friend! Well, I've given you the set up so give this series a chance. You won't regret it; pirate's honor!

Spider-Girl Presents The Buzz and Dark Devil by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz - This Graphic Novel presents the first three issues of these new characters to the world of the Marvel Universe. The Buzz is about the orphaned grandson, Jimmy Jameson (JJ), of a certain Spider-Man hating newspaper giant J. Jonah Jameson. When the older Jameson finances the making of a Human Fly Super suit to protect the citizens of New York City, he recruits ex-Navy Seal Buzz Bannon. Buzz and the young JJ become good friends and when Buzz get killed by some very bad people, JJ decides to take the Human Fly Suit and become the hero he saw in Buzz. He even names his new superhuman identity "The Buzz" after Bannon. Action and adventure follow as this new superhero learns what it takes to be a true hero. Darkdevil is also the story of a new young superhero named Reilly Tyne. Darkdevil is given powers by the demon Zarathos who hopes to inhabit the boy's body for his own evil purposes. Fortunately for Reilly, Daredevil and reformed enforcer Kaine step in the picture to save the boy. They do defeat Zarthos and force him out of the boys body but at the price of Daredevils life. Reilly decides to take up Daredevil's role as a superhero, with the new found powers gained from Zarthos, and under the tutelage of Kaine begins his path to becoming a true hero.

Well, that's all for me guys. Until next time, take it easy,


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