Friday, November 2, 2007

Yes, There are Sith on Mars

Silly Carl, don't you know we Sith are everywhere, even on Mars. Well, guys, I have good news and bad news. I guess I' ll start with the bad news. ): I finished my PS2 game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I was really having a blast with this game and hated to see it come to an end. I especially enjoyed playing Wolverine!!!! If you have a chance, you have to visit Tech Central here at ImaginOn where we have a PS3 with this game.

Wolverine, he really is the best at what he does!!!!!!!! I think he would make an excellent Sith Lord, don't you?

As for the good news, if you guys don't know by now, I am a huge comics and graphic novel fan. I got to meet one of my heroes and talk to him when I drove him to a local Charlotte School to do a presentation during Novello. This person was the one, the only, the great Jeff Smith!!!!!!! This is the guy who both writes and draws the Bone Graphic Novel Series and DC has just released his Shazam Graphic Novel ( we have the Bone Series at the library and I hope we can acquire the Shazam Graphic Novel because it is so excellent). Also on Wordplay Saturday, (also a part of Novello) I got him to sign some of the graphic novels of his that I own. It was a great experience as he was a very cool and extremely nice guy.

Below are some pictures from Mr. Smith's school visit:

Jeff Smith talking about Bone. Mr. Smith answering questions.

Jeff Smith talking
about Bone.

Mr. Smith answering some questions.

Mr. Smith drawing
some Bone Characters.

The Finished Product!!!!!!

Well, until next time, take it easy guys,


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