Monday, November 26, 2007

Woooo! 3 New Comments

Hey, everybody, it's Carl. Too bad the WWE event here was cancelled. I watched Ric Flair on Fox News Got Game last night talking about being at tonight's event at Bobcats Arena. It would have been fun if the Nature Boy could have come here this morning. Oh, well, let's just give a big loud "Woooo!!" and keep on bloggin'.

The good news is that we have 3, not one but three, book comments from a new friend, The WeirdDude(MHR). Here they are:

Chasing Vermeer is about 2 kids, Calder and Petra, who learn from their teacher Ms. Hussey about a stolen painting by Vermeer, called "A Lady Writing." There are a lot of coincidences about the painting. It is full of thinking (not a lot of action) and pieces of a big puzzle that don't fit together at first but eventually do. The reader gets to help solve the mystery. I liked the story a lot because it makes you use your mind. I would recommend it to anyone who loves thinking.The Wright 3 is also about a mystery of art, except this time there are 3 characters. Calder, Petra, and Tommy (Calder's best friend) are trying to save a piece of architecture from being demolished, the Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright (he is a famous American architect). The problem is that Tommy was away in the first book and does not like the relationship of Calder and Petra very much. The main clue of the story is 3. It is also a very good book and I recommend it for anyone who loves thinking.These two books are written by Blue Balliett and illustrated by Brett Helquist.

Artemis Fowl is about a 12 year old mastermind who is part of a family of millionaires who got their money by criminal activity. Artemis is following that path and has a theory that there are fairies on the Earth. He is proven right and kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the Fairy LEPrecon Unit of the Fairy Police. This is a book with a lot of action, most of it happening on the grounds of Fowl Manor where the fairies go to large measures to get Holly back. But Artemis outsmarts them--sort of (I don't want to give away the ending). This is a great book and I highly recommend it for anyone, especially if you like imagining that there are fairies (and these are tough fairies, not like the ones in bedtime stories).

Science Verse is a book of VERY funny poems based on science and written around other poems. I recommend it highly for science lovers.

Well done, WeirdDude! Come and get your free book! (How weird are you, dude? Any weirder than a librarian who's a Sith Lord or another who dances in Renaissance clothes?)

I just read my first Bone graphic novel last week. Man, is it great! I started with # 4, The Dragonslayer. Bill said it was the slowest one of the series. Well, if that one was the slowest, the others must be non-stop excitement! I loved it. I'm going to start #5 soon and then go back and catch the earlier books. I'll tell you about them later. Until then, take care and write to us!

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