Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another One from Cyber Kid!

This guy is hot!! Here's another review from our friend cyber kid 303:

No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman is an okay book about Wallace Wallace who writes a bad book report on Old Shep My Pal. His teacher makes him go to the school play rehearsals which turns out to be Old Shep My Pal. This book is very funny and I suggest you read it.

Very good, cyber kid! Did you happen to read Darth Bill's review of it on May 7? Keep up the good work!

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Cyber Kid 303 said...

I did read No More Dead Dogs because Mr. Bill suggested it on the blog. In the book, the character complains that all the dogs in dog books die. I noticed most of those books turned into movies. I found a dog movie the other day where the dog doesn't die! It's called Big Red.