Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Good Time at the Kickoff Party

Here we all are, intrepid readers

and bold discus tossers!
As you can see, we all had fun at the Percy Jackson Summer Book Club Kickoff Party last Saturday. There were a lot of games--Athena sent word searches, the Minotaur dropped off mazes (glad he didn't stay!!), and everyone took turns at the Discus Toss. It's easy to do--just staple two paper plates together and you have a discus worthy of the original Olympic games. Poseidon was pleased to hear from Apollo that people in North and South Carolina have something called "beach music," so we all listened to that during the party. There was food, too. If you look closely at the first picture, you'll see, behind the kids, The Snack Table of the Gods. Hephaestus sent hot candy, Dionysus sent Diet Coke and juice drinks, and Aphrodite, naturally, sent sweets--including kisses!!

We're going to meet June 21 and talk about the first two books, then talk about the last two in July. It looks like we have a fun group and just about the right size. (We've got eight so far, with 3 more possibly coming) The girl in the baseball cap is named Anna, so we called her Annabeth!! (It's not a Yankees cap, so she couldn't turn invisible) We'll keep you informed! Are there any other Percy Jackson book clubs out there this summer? Let us know!

BTW, Poseidon did show up:
OK, so it's me and not the sea king. You could say I'm all wet for saying that!! Hardeee har har!! That claim couldn't hold water!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Oh, I should be a comedian--I'd make a big splash!!!! Oh, ha ha ha...ha....why am I the only one laughing???


PS--be sure to sign up for the Kids Love Comics workshop!

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