Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reading Bugs and Forgotten Doors

Hey, Everyone,

School is out for some of you and almost out for the rest. You know what that means, don't you--SUMMERTIME! VACATION!! NO MORE SCHOOL!!!

What a great time of year. I always looked forward to my summer breaks when I was in school. Well, we at the library think that summer is great too, but we know there are a lot of things to do and some of you might forget about reading (which we think of as another fun summer thing to do), so every year the library comes up with a Summer Reading Program. This year's theme is:

And the Summer Reading program starts tomorrow!! June 11!! Come down here to Imaginon or head to your local branch and pick up your reading record. "What is a reading record, you cool fool?" you might ask? It's a chance to record how many hours you read--and get prizes for reading!! Go to this link on PLCMC's website to find out. If you live outside of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg county area, check with your own local library and see what they've got for your summer.

We've also got some great programs lined up for this summer. Bill and I are doing the Heores Bold From Days of Lore programs again on June 12 and 26, as well as July 17 and 31. They're at 2:00 pm here at Imaginon. I'll do the Greek myth of Perseus on the 12th and Bill will do The Death of Arthur on the 26th.

We'll also have a Guys' Movie Afternoon on June 19 and July 24. We'll show Jason and the Argonauts on the 19th and Sky High on 7-24. Both movies are at 1:00 pm. Call 704-973-2720 to register. Still plenty of time! Free admission!! And we'll serve some free pizza!!!

AND we have a new review from our good friend cyber kid 303:

The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key is a book about a kid who falls through a door to Earth from another planet. He meets the Beans who try and help him. He has lost his memory. He finds out he can read minds. Some people try to hurt the boy, Jon, and employ him in the government. The story teaches that you shouldn't be mean to people because they are different.

Thanks, cyber kid! I think it's funny that a book about a Forgotten Door should be written by someone named Key!!

ON TOP OF THAT--we've got a lively discussion going with a post I made way back on February 25. It was about who should play the different characters in the Lightning Thief movie. We've had some coments about it over the last couple of weeks--go back to that post (called "Who Would You Pick for the Lightning Thief Movie?") and read them. And tell us who you would pick!

Catch that Reading Bug!



cyberkid 303 said...

No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman is an okay book about Wallace Wallace who writes a bad book report on Old Shep My Pal. His teacher makes him go to the school play rehearsals which turns out to be Old Shep My Pal. This book is very funny and I suggest you read it.

V. White said...

cyberkid 303,
I think it is one of the funniest books I have ever read! Can you imagine a teacher that would allow students to be that creative and change a play that much? What a wonderful teacher that would be to have.