Monday, June 23, 2008

First Meeting of the Percy Jackson Book Club or Thank You, Mrs. Riordan!!!

Hey, everyone, life goes on. It's still sad, but I know what my mom would say at a time like this: "Well, don't sit around and mope about me--you've got work to do!" So I've put my myself back into gear and found some good stuff to do--like the first meeting of our Percy Jackson Summer Book Club. Boy, did we have a good time!! We had some lively discussion, some games, and even learned a little Greek!! Here are some pictures:

Every good time has to start with snacks! (one daughter of Athena studies her Greek mythology even during snack time)

Geting into the discussions!

One mom knits while kids talk (but is that really a mom or one of the Fates????)

This is my good friend Fred. He's a real, honest-to-goodness college professor. He knows how to read and write Greek. He's showing us how to write "Hercules" ("Herakles") as the Greeks would have. He also wrote several of the kids' names in Greek!!

And at the end I passed out the Camp Half-Blood T-shirts that were so generously supplied by Becky, who turns out to be none other than Mrs. Riordan herself!!! Thank you, Mrs. Riordan!! This was extremely good of you.

We plan to have the second half of our book club in August, when we'll talk about the 3rd and 4th books.

On a different note, Bill is going to do another Heroes Bold from Days of Lore program this Thursday. It'll be The Death of King Arthur, another of the truly great stories of all time. If you're between 8 and 11 and can get to Imaginon this Thursday at 2 pm, you gotta hear it!!


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Hacksaw Jim Duggan said...

Hey Guys,

That club sounds really cool! I'm a huge Percy Jackson fan, and I would so be in that club! I havent had a chance to read the latest book yet, though, because I'm re-reading the series b4 I read the Battle of the Labrynth. It's sitting on my shelf, taunting me, so I'm reading the books as fast as I can! Hope the club continues to go well!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan from Guys Read