Thursday, June 5, 2008

Return of the Kandy Kane Kid

Howdy, Partners, this here's the Kandy Kane Kid!! Now you all might think I look a bit...peculiar. Well, that's because I ususally come out only at Christmas time to shoot everyone up full of holiday cheer. But I've found out about something so great that I just had to come here and tell you sidewinders. (besides, I had to let you know that Big Bad Darth Bill ain't the only gunslinger in these here parts!) Turns out that the grownups from the Main Library are going to show a bunch of COWBOY MOVIES here at Imaginon this summer!!!! Yeee haaa!! Now, most of these movies are fur grownups and are long and full of boring grownup talk, but there are three that are rip-roarin' , rootin'--tootin', fun movies that you'd enjoy. And the first one is this Sunday!!

It's Rio Bravo, starring John Wayne, the greatest movie cowboy of them all!! In this one, a Texas sheriff has to protect a murderer that's in his jail. This movie's full of slam-bang action! It shows Sunday, June 8 at 2:00 pm in the Wachovia Playhouse Movin' Picture Theatre here at Imaginon.

By the way, these movies are for older buckaroos, 10-13 years old.

The next is a side-splittin' comedy, Go West, with that hilarious funny man, Buster Keaton. (That's him on the left)Now this here's a silent movie, cowpokes!! You might say, "Oh, man!! Why would I want to see anyting like that?" Let me tell you, that Buster Keaton's funnier than a herd of monkeys fallin' off their horses!! And this movie has a real piano player to accompany the movie and that makes for a rollicking good time! That one's on June 22 at 2:oo pm in the same place.

The third one is the last of one of the series, Ride the High Country, starring Randolph Scott, who was born right here in Charlotte. In this one, two aging lawmen are hired to guard a shipment of gold. It'll be August 24, same time, same place. Couldn't ask fur a better time at the movies, could ya? All right then, cowpokes, come on down to the Imaginon Ranch for Texas-sized fun. (and bring yore dads and uncles and cousisn and grandads too)


Carl (aka The Kandy Kane Kid)

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