Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bond is Back, Space Cadet Adventures and I'm Batman!!!!

Hi all and welcome to 2010!!!! Well to get the year started right I've got a couple reviews of books and comics that I have recently read. So, here we go:

Double or Die: A James Bond Adventure by Charlie Higson - Wow, 13 year-old James Bond is back in this great book that packs one heck of a punch!!!!! This adventure starts with the kidnapping of one of Professor Fairburn, who teaches at Eton, where James goes to school. The kidnappers are two cutthroat brothers; one rather normal looking guy named Wolfgang, the other Ludwig, who looks like a skeleton with rotting teeth. They are employed by a mysterious man whose identity when revealed will shock the reader. It seems that this professor and another colleague where/are working on something that could quite literally change the world overnight. After Professor Fairburn's disappearance, one of James' friends at Eton receives a letter that gives clues as to what has happened to him, what he was working on, and where he is now located. The clock is ticking and James must figure out what is going on quickly or very bad things will happen. One thing I really liked was the reappearance of Red Kelly (if you have read the first Young Bond Book Silverfin, you will be familiar with this roguish friend of James). Bond is back and better than ever!!!!!!!

I hardly ever need an excuse to put something about Bond on the blog and since we just talked about "Double or Die," check out this alligator stunt from the Bond flick "Live and Let Die."

Pretty Cool, right???!!!!!!!

Batman The Brave and The Bold - The Fearsome Fangs Strike Again by J. Torries and Carlo Barberi - This is a really cool comic that the library is considering adding to it's collection in the near future. Right now, we just happen to have a few issues. In this series, Batman teams up with different superheroes each month. In this issue he teams up with one of my favorite superheroes, Green Arrow (Master of the Bow and Arrow). Talk about action-packed, the issue starts with a brief apperance by The Huntress with Batman helping her take on the supervillian, Sports Master, and his henchmen.

The Huntress -->

After The Huntress and Batman have wrapped up business with The Sports Master and Crew, Batman and Green Arrow find themselves investigating a robber of a very powerful weapon by a Supervillain Team known as The Fearsome Fangs (made up of The Fox, The Shark and The Vulture) and a band of Ninjas known as The Shadow Clan.

<-- The Fearsome Fangs

This features superheroes doing what they do best against nasty villains doing what they do best. Starts off smoking and never comes off the gas petal. So either give it a try at your local Comics Shop (in Charlotte I would recommend Heroes Aren't Hard To Find) or check out the couple of issues we have here at ImaginOn. Great Stuff!!!!!!!

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Service Call by Bill Spangler and John DeCosta - This is the first issue of a space-oriented series featuring Space Cadets Tom Corbett (Leader), Astro, and Roger serving aboard the spaceship Polaris. The story starts out with a lone Life-Pod zooming through space; it is carrying what appears to be the only survivor of the Space Station Nia (located near Jupiter). Soon afterward Tom and his fellow Cadets make a stop at a nearby Rescue Station for needed supplies and general inspection. What should be a boring inspection and pickup turns into a situation of life or death for the Cadets. How are these two events tied together and how do our Cadets fair in this exciting first issue? Well, there are two ways you can find out. You can either register for our January 21, 2010 Comics Camp here at ImaginOn (for 8 - 12 year olds at 704-416-4630) and possibly win an issue or check out your local Comic Book Store (again in Charlotte the place to go is Heroes Aren't Hard To Find). The artist for this book is one of our very own Comics Camp Instructors John DaCosta. So if you win an issue at the Comics Camp or buy an issue and bring it with you, he can sign it for you!!!! How cool is that?????? This is an excellent comic that I highly recommend!!!!!

Well until we meet again on that dusty trail Cowpokes, here's looking at ya,


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