Monday, January 4, 2010

Fantastic--Yet MORE Reviews!

Wow! Very impressive! When I, the CARLMAN, got back from the long New Year's weekend, I found another messenger droid from Yoda Claws (he's gone back to the ice planet Hoth after the holidays) and found that three of you reader guys have sent six reviews over the weekend. Well done! Our first is from that prolific reviewer Michael:

Bloodhounds, Inc., book 1
The Ghost of KRZY
by Bill Myers
When brother and sister detective team Sean and Misty Hunter see strange lights coming from their father's radio station late at night, they are determined to find out what it is. A few nights later, they stake out at the radio station, and suddenly, all the electronics turn on by themselves! They see something strange moving inside of them, going from one electronic to the next. Sean and Misty know what their dad has told them about not coming back to Earth once you die, but could this really be... a ghost?! Great action; at one point, Sean and Misty are driving an out-of-control motorcycle, and the side-coach pops off with Misty in it! Great story, funny. And an excellent life lesson, as Sean and Misty find the truth about the mysterious character, which isn't a ghost, and they realize how foolish they were thinking that it really was a ghost. Sean, Misty, and this strange character star in many other books in the Bloodhounds, Inc. series!

Thanks, Michael! You've told us about some great-sounding series and I'd love to read some of them. The next reviews are from Augustin, who wrote in at the beginning:

Title: Fantastic Mr Fox Author: Roald Dahl
What its about: Three farmers, named Boggis,Bunce, and Bean. Boggis was enourmously fat. He was a chicken famer and every day ate three boiled chickens smothered with dumplings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bunce, a duck and goose farmer. He was very short and squat. His food was goose livers and doughnuts. This diet gave him a bad stomache ache and a terrible temper. Bean was skinny as a string bean and a turkey and apple farmer. He never ate any food but drank gallons and gallons of strong apple cider which he made. Mr Fox was a fox with a wife and four children. He always got his food from Boggis, Bunce and Bean's farms. Seeing as how they didn't take too kindly to having all their good food taken right out from under their noses they stayed waiting for him one night and when he came out they all tried to shoot at him. Only Mr Fox was quite quick and only got his tail shot off. The three very miserly farmers kept after him until all the animals around were starving. Even the weasel could not slip past them seeing as how the beastly farmers were spending night and day around the hole where all the animals went to get food. Then Mr Fox had a brain wave. What if he got some of his friends to help him dig a tunnel under the personal store rooms of the three farmers. His idea worked! soon he had brought back plenty of food for all the animals in the settlement. They had a grand banquet and they all toasted Mr Fox because he was the one who had masterminded the whole idea of tunneling. Boggis, Bunce, and Bean stayed there always saying "he is probably going to come out any minute." Instead they were getting all their produce taken out from under their noses while they were watching a hole.

Title: The Giraffe the Pelly and MeAuthor: Roald Dahl
What it's about: It's about a little boy who lived not far away from an old sweets store. He had always dreamed of making it into a grand candy store. One day he noticed that it was for sale. a couple of weeks later he saw that someone had bought it. All the sudden he noticed a bath tub a piano and a lot of other rubble fly out of the windows. When the little boy asked if anybody was home there was no answer. The next day he saw painted on the window The ladderless window cleaning company. Then a giraffes head popped out of the window. After that a peilican opened another window. Then a monkey jumped out. While all this was happening a chauffeur got out of a huge car. He said the Duke wanted them to wash his windows. After arriving and washing some of his windows they saw a robber. After catching him they were rewarded by being able to stay forever in the Dukes Palace. The little boy got to get his candy store.
Name of book: The Magic FingerAuthor: Roald Dahl
What it's about: This book is about a girl who posessed a special power that she called the magic finger. Her neighbrs were very big fans of hunting and the girl could not stand that they hunted so much. One day she put the magic finger on the whole family! The next morning when her neighbors woke up they found that they had shrunk to the size of a robin and instead of their arms they had grown wings!! You can imagine their surprise when they found this out! The father then started to build a nest and try to find food for his family.. At one point the family noticed that there were four ducks that they had tried to shoot at the day before, had grown to people size and were moving into their house! That night the family went to sleep in their new home, a nest of sticks. In the morning the mother and father awoke to see that the ducks were pointing the familys' guns up at them. The father begged the ducks not to shoot especially at his children. The ducks reminded him that he and his sons had shot their children two days before. Then the father promised that he and his children would never go hunting again. The ducks then told him to fly down with his family. As he did everything went black and the next thing he knew he was standing next to his family in his front yard with everything back to normal. He then went and got his guns and broke them into tiny bits. He never shot another thing in his enitire life. Neither did his sons.

Title: Mr. Blue Jeans the story of Levi Strauss Author: Maryann N. Weidt
What its about: The story of a Jewish boy who went to the States to try and earn a living for his mother , sisters and himself. He started out as a peddlar and when he was in the mountains a miner asked him if he could make him a pair of pants that would hold up to the wear and tear of mining work. That night Levi theJewish boy made the miner a pair of pants out of some denim instead of canvas as usual. By accident when he had loaded up he had gotten the wrong material. After he made the pair of pants and the miner liked them the miner told all his friends to get that type of pants. Years later Levi was one of the most respected men around. Even today we use Levis Jeans.

Thanks, Augustin! I read Fantastic Mr. Fox several years ago and liked it. Have you seen the movie? Did you like it? We'd love to hear what you thought of it. I'm also glad you liked the nofiction book. I've always said that nonfiction is not boring and am glad when other reader guys think so too.

Finally, we have a review of a Lemony Snicket book from our new friend PayPay:
Title:A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 4:The Miserable Mill. Author:Lemony Snicket.
When the unlucky Baudelaires are forced to move out out of their previous foster home in book 3 they are sent to a dark and eerie town called Paltryville where they will live at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill.But they didn't know they would be working there! They are faced against a terrible foreman a nasty guardian and a suspicious eye doctor.This is a wonderfully tragic tale and I suggest it for kids over the age of 8.

Thanks, PayPay! Don't forget to come to the Imaginon, Matthews, or Mint Hill libraries and get a free book. I read this one too and enjoyed it, although, I hate to say, I'm not a huge fan of the S of U E books. Maybe it's just me, but I got tired of them after a couple. Master Jedi Zack likes them a lot. How about you, Darth Bill?

Well, this has been a lot of fun, guys! PLEASE keep writing in!! We and your brother reader guys always want to hear about good reads. And we'll have more events through the year. Stay tuned!


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