Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avery Writes About The Roar

Hey-ho, reader guys, it's Carl and we've got a review of The Roar by Emma Clayton from our new friend Avery. Let's hear it, Avery:

The Roar is a really great book. I finished reading it about two days ago, and it led me to think... What if the world is just two steps away from The Wall and the YTF? I love a book that makes me consider what happens in the real world. This book I would recommend to anyone who wants a book that makes you wonder... Anyway, even without the afterthought, The Roar has a great plot line, lifelike characters, and a realistic point of view. This is a great sci fi book for anyone interested.

Thanks, Avery! The Roar has generated more discussion lately than just about any other book. And with good reason! It's got a slam-bang good plot with vivid setting and characters but also gives you a lot to think about. Not many books do that! If you guys want to see what I and other guys have said about this terrific book, click on the "The Roar" label under this post. And if you live in the Charlotte area, Avery, come in to the Imaginon library and claim your free book.

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