Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael Writes Again!

Hey, everybody in frozen blog land, it's the Great and Powerful CARLMAN, survivng another frozen weekend. I spent the last few days the way I spend every weekend in January, cross-country skiing on the ice planet Hoth. You see what it looks like. You can't see me, though, because I've just gone over the horizon. Well, you couldn't have seen me anyway, since I ski at faster-than-light speed.
Anyway, we have a new review from our excelllent friend Michael:
The Time Thriller Trilogy, book 1 Ripple Effectby Paul McCusker
Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Forde went home to take a bath and plan on how to run away. Suddenly, the bathtub fills with muddy water. When she emerges from the bathroom, she finds herself in an alternate time. Everyone in that time keeps calling her Sarah, and they say she has amnesia. When Elizabeth triggers a series of events that eventually leads to Sarah's boyfriend trying to kill her and all of her friends turning against each other, the people from Elizabeth's life in the real time only have so long to save her. What will happen? And more importantly, does the little town of Fawlt Line actually sit on a time fault: a portal to alternate times and unexpected time travel? The citizens are about to find out. The most exciting part of the story is yet to come in books two and three of the Time Thriller Trilogy: Out of Time and Memory's Gate.
Thanks, Michael! Would you say this as good as the Jump Man books? Better? About the same? Keep writing those great reviews!

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