Sunday, February 28, 2010

AF Graphic Novel and LT Movie

Hey, all, we've got two good reviews from our friends Michael and Stable Granny. First in line is Michael with a write-up about an Artemis Fowl graphic novel:

Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel Series, book 1
Artemis Fowl
by Eoin Colfer and Amdrew Donkin
Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old boy with an IQ higher than Mozart's. When he sets out to prove that fairies and leprechauns really exist, a bizzare and mysterious chain of events is put into motion as Artemis captures a fairy named Captain Holly Short. The other fairies are desperate, so they create a time-stop around the Fowl residence, which means that because time is stopped outside the Fowl's propertity, Artemis will not be able to escape without freezing in time himself. When Holly's boss, Commander Root, goes in to talk with Artemis about Holly's release, Artemis declares that he knows how to escape the time-field. It's impossible, never been done. But Artemis hasn't been wrong yet. Artemis says he'll release Holly for one ton of the fairies' most precious item: fairy gold. Then Artemis finds out that the fairies will comply only to kill him and everyone else in the Fowl manor with bio-bombs. With time closing in, it's a race to the finish as Artemis must hope that his theory on how to escape the time-field pulls through. If not, then Artemis won't be around to see it's failure. Also available is the Artemis Fowl novel series. The graphic novel series is great for people who are interested in this book but don't want to read the 300+ page novel. This book contains humor, adventure, and a little bit of time travel. Fans of Jimmy Neutron will like Artemis' ultimate wisdom, while fans of Tinkerbell or similar movies or TV shows will enjoy the fairy content. This book has a little something for everyone! Also available in the graphic novel series: book 2, The Arctic Incident. So check it out!

Thanks, Michael! Darth Bill reviewed both ArtemisFowl graphic novels and liked them. He's our graphic novel meister and if he likes them, they've got to be good.

Next we have Stable Granny, a writer and horse lover, telling us her thoughts about The Lightning Thief movie:

I went to see The Lightning Thief last night and movie was very good.. interesting, had great characters, it kept the story moving forward. I really think the critics have been unfair in their reviews. Now did it follow the book, of course not. The book is much better. The only thing in the movie that bothered me a little was the love interest between Percy and Annabeth. Why question is why... friendship is so much stronger than goo-goo eyes and flirting.

Thanks to you too, Stable Granny! We all saw it and liked it and like you, could have done without the "goo-goo eyes and flirting." We are 100% MANLY MEN here and want movies with sword fights and monsters and explosions--which The Lightning Thief move had plenty of!


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