Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Viper's Nest, Woods Runner, and Blastin' the Blues

The Viper's Nest by Peter Lerangis is the seventh book in the 39 Clues series and, man, does it ROCK!!! In this book, Dan and Amy Cahill have to travel to South Africa in their search for the 39 Clues that will make the finders richer and more powerful than anyone on earth. On their way to find the Clue left by Winston Churchill, Dan hangs upside down over a deserted mine shaft, Nellie, their au pair, has to explain mysterious cell phone messages, and they all break into a Tomas stronghold--and have to break out again!! Plus they face death by a propeller and a horrifying poison. The suspense made me sit up and grab the book tightly! These books just keep getting better and better. NO ONE DOES IT BETTER THAN THE 39 CLUES!!

And we have a new review from a teacher who doesn't give her name but calls herself Hello! She writes about a great new Gary Paulsen book:

Okay...I'm a girl...An older girl...who is also a teacher...and a reader...I secretly lurk around your site looking for those super cool guy books I miss sometimes...because I have guys in my classrooms that need guy books. I'll keep up my secret spying in the hopes that you review the COOLEST...most SPECTACULAR book that has come from Gary Paulsen in a while...Woods Runner! BAM! SUPER AWESOME BOOK! My boys are reading this one like a wolf eats!
Check it out!

We'll certainly do that, Hello! I'll go and look for Woods Runner away. We're always glad when teachers look for good guy books. Don't forget to look at the Links on the left-hand side of the page--lots of places to find good guy books there! Gary Pauslen is one of the best guy authors of all time. Click on the "Gary Paulsen" label under this post to see what we and other guys have written about his stuff.

One more bit of news. The latest Sluggers book is out. It's called Blastin' the Blues and it's set in New Orleans. I have to say right here and now that I'm the # 1 Sluggers fan in Charlotte. These books are T-RIFFIC!!! and I'm trying to make more Sluggers fans out there. The book came out Tuesday but the library hasn't received its copies yet. You'd better believe I've got one on hold! The library system has plenty of copies. Be sure to get one. (the first few books were called the Barnstormers series, but don't let that confuse you. It's under the author's last name, which is "Long.") I've written A LOT about this series, so click on the "Sluggers" or "Barnstormers" labels and see.
The very excited and has-a-lot-to-read-now CARLMAN


D.A. Tyo said...

Thanks for pointing out my error on my profile name! Oops! I've fixed that. Thank you. I am new to blogging, only starting this year to log some of my favorite new reads and to provide my students with a resource for finding good books!

You can check out my other comments about Woods Runner at "Reading is like breathing chocolate air!"

Mr. H said...

Hey Guys,

I just finished The Viper's Nest and totally agree it was great. Just a fun not Peter Lerangis is coming to our school next Tuesday. I am interested to picking his brain about how much contol he had and how much was set up for him by Riordan.

Carl said...

Yeah, I'd like to know about it too. Would you psot about it on your blog? And I checked out your blog, D. A. and it looks realy good. Reading is indeed like breathing chocolate air!