Friday, February 26, 2010

Spider-Man, Tiny Titans, Wolverine, Lightning and More!!!

Hello all in the Land of Blog!!!!! (I don't know why but Blogger decided to make my whole post in BOLD) It's Darth Bill with a bunch of stuff to cover, so let's go!!!!!

First we have some additional comments on "The Lightning Thief" movie:

From Nannah V: "I took my two grandsons to see this movie. Jeff is almost 11 and Bobby is 6. They loved it! Now they want to read the book! They are also excited about the two movies they saw intros for. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" & "The the Last Airbender". Jeff has read all of the Wimpy kid books and they are very big fans of the Airbender cartoon. Personally I agree, I wish the actors looked younger. I have a hard time believing that they were 13. They looked more like 16."

From Mrs. Quinn: "You guys hit most of my beefs with the movie: that Percy was 15 instead of 13, and that the consequent love interest story was more pronounced (really not in the book); that it just wasn't as funny, with Percy being rather flat in the movie and flat-out-funny in the books; that there were lots of changes from the book. I was really hoping for a closer rendering of the book, because its really a great one. I'm concerned that they may not make future movies, just because the story lines in book 1 were truncated, especially the parts that are important for the future movies! But if the money's there, they probably will... STILL, very worth seeing and a fun action flick. AND if it gets kids to read the book(s) - which we already have - then it's all good."

From Anyomous : "It left out my favorite part with echidna and the chimera.
giant fan of the books."

Okay now for some ultra cool Graphic Novel and Comic Reviews:

Wolverine First Class: Class Action by Peter David, Ronan Cliquet, et. al - This Graphic Novel collects issues 17-21 of the comic series. It is written by one of my all time favorite comic writers Peter David and the art work by Ronan Cliquet, Francis Portela, Dennis Calero and Scott Koblish is just awesome!!!! The first story deals with the present meeting the now as Wolverine confronts a part of his past and must determine if the son of an old enemy is on the side of the angels or devils (of course Kitty Pride is there to help him along the way). The second story deals with one of my all time favorite mutants Madrox - The Multiple Man. It gets into the pretty intense issue of what constitutes a person and their right to exist. The next couple of stories have Kitty and Wolvie taking on the alien invading Skrulls and The Super Skrull with the help of Captain Marvel. The last story has Kitty going through a very intense session in The Danger Room. This was really a fun and interesting read. Two Thumbs Up!!!!!

Tiny Titans: Sidekickin' It, Adventures in Awesomeness and Welcome to The Treehouse by Art Baltazar & Franco - Hey guys I know these Graphic Novels on the surface appear to be intended for younger kids, but this is really a great and funny comic collection for all ages (that includes adults also - I laughed myself silly with these GNs). The GN's collect issues 1-6 (Welcome to The Treehouse), 7-12 (Adventures in Awesomeness) and 13-18 (Sidekickin' It) of the comic book series. See you favorite Teen Titans (Robin, Starfire, Raven, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Cyborg, Speedy and more) as kids getting into really hilarious situations at Sidekick City Elementary School or at their Titan Meetings that more often than not get them in trouble with Principle Deathstroke or Bat-Man's Butler Alfred. I'm serious guys, give these GNs a chance. You will not be sorry you did!!!!!!!!!!!!! Titans, Aw Yeah!!!!!!

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Issue 59 by Paul Tobin and Ben Dewey - I know not to long ago I wrote about this comic, but I just finished issue 59 and I got to tell you this comic is sizzling hot right now. This book is taking everything that is great about the character and
pressing the gas petal full throttle. The issue starts off with Peter talking to the mutant Chat, who knows he is Spider-Man, thanks to the not-so-nice Emmy Frost (a mutant mind reader and physic). They are trying to work out their boyfriend/girlfriend problems (only thing is that Chat is still keeping secrets that she needs to tell Peter). They find out quickly they are being spied on and the chase is on. Spider-Man first confronts part of the Torino Mob Family, then talks to Captain Stacy (a policeman who also knows Peter is Spider-Man) and finds out that the Torino Family has hired a professional hit man to take him out (Bullseye no less). That night before he goes to bed he notices he is being spied on again and goes on the offensive. The only problem, he's taking on the X-Men (Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Banshee and Cyclops). After a huge fight due to a simple misunderstanding, Chat enters the scene and it turns out the X-Men where searching for a mutant they thought was Spider-Man. Turns out the mutant is Chat (ability to talk to animals). Things get stranger from there, so either come by the library to read this comic or buy it at my favorite Comic Shop :Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. Nuff Said!!!!!!

Finally I just wanted to give a shout out about Batman-The Brave and The Bold GN which collects issues 1-6 of the comic series and features Batman teaming up with other heroes (such as Power Girl, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Shazam and Kid Eternity) against many different villians (Lex Luthor, The Thinker, The Ultra-Humanite, Dr. Cyber, The Queen of Fables and General Immortus). Great Stuff!!!!!!

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