Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zeus, King of the Gods by George O'Connor

GUYS!!! You've GOT to get this graphic novel!! It's totally, amazingly INCREDIBLE!! I haven't this worked up for long time, but this gn is fan-tastic! George O'Connor has started an enormous project, turning the stories of the 12 ancient Greek immortals into graphic novels. This one focuses on Zeus. It starts with the creation of the world and goes into the domination of the earth by the Titans, Zeus's quest for his birthright, and the great battle of Zeus and Kronos. Wow! What a story. And what artwork!! George O'Connor does both the story and art and he excels mightily. This is everything a guy could want. As it says on the back, "Epic battles, daring quests, and terrible monsters await you." What more do you want? And what a perfect thing to read during the weekend that The Lightning Thief movie opens!! (PS--I'll give a free book to any one who writes a review of the movie) Zeus, King of the Gods--go get it!! And Bill, Zack--I'd love to hear what you think of it.


George O'Connor said...

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for such an enthusiastic review! I'm glad to see that there's folks like you out there spreading the word.

Ms. Yingling said...

Popped this one on my order list and saw that Athena comes out in April. Don't be afraid to buy that one just because it has a girl on the cover!

Anonymous said...

Will the Carlman be giving us a movie review after going to see
"Percy Jackson..."? Hope so! : )!

Carl said...

Thank YOU, Mr. O'Connor! You created an outstanding graphic novel and I can't wait to see the others. I don't have anything to do with buying materials, Ms. Yingling, but I'm sure they'll buy the next one. Besides, it wouldn't be smart to turn down a gn about the goddess of wisdom! And, yes, the CARLMAN will indeed wrtie about The Lightning Thief movie, but I'm not going until Saturday. How about you? Have you seen it?