Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jana Tells About Audiobooks Her Boys Listened To and Liked

Our good friend and faithful follower Jana has written to us about yesterday's post that told of good audiobooks for guys.

My sons and I listened to and LOVED all of the Henry Huggins books by Beverly Cleary. They are read by Neil Patrick Harris and he does a fantastic, hysterical job. My oldest son (6th grade) even commented on how even though the books are older this same kind of stuff could happen today. We are currently listening to Stormbreaker (the first Alex Rider book) and are loving the action! Lastly, we listened to Where the Red Fern Grows on a long trip, another great one!

Thanks, Jana! Yes, those Henry Huggins books are older but those same sorts of things could indeed still happen. Even if technology changes, guys don't change and the same funny stuff that happened then still happens now. Go get those books or audiobooks, guys! You'll love them, just as Jana's boys did!! And let us know how your boys like Stormbreaker--or, better yet, get them to write and tell us! And did you like Where the Red Fern Grows? Was that a "dead dog" story--you know, the type where the dog dies at the end? Bill wrote about a great book called No More Dead Dogs--check out his review here.



Jana said...

I will get them to write in and tell of their love or not for Stormbreaker, and I remember the post about dead dogs, but I am not sure I want to give that away about Where the Red Fern Grows. It might be the original dead dog story though...still worth a look. We do audiobooks because we just seem to get too busy to read aloud every night but my boys still like to hear good books! And I want to introduce them to books I loved growing up, audio is the best way for me to do just that!

Jana said...

One more thing...I checked out Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute today and my oldest son (6th grade)read it tonight. Here he is:

This was a quick book to read. It reminded me of Captain Underpants. It was funny with lots of good drawings. It is the first graphic novel that I have really liked because it was so easy to read. I think most kids would like it!