Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bill and Zack (and I) Blog Again!

Hey everybody in blogland, I have some outstading news. Our good friends and former cobloggers (and former coworkers too) Bill and Zack and I have started a new boys reading blog!! It's called Boys Rock, Boys Read! and it does rock. Bill already has a couple of posts up and one review and there is all the goofball humor and interesting book reviewing you've always expected from the Billster. So go check it out. I'll contribute stuff there too and so will Zack. The three of us had such fun blogging together for you guys that we just couldn't stand being away, so we've started this independent thing. Ah, it will be good to blog with those two again!

I also have more outstanding news about Bill. As you know, he was laid off from the library at the beginning of April due to all the budget cuts, but---here's the good news---he got a job as the Youth Services director of the Robeson County Public Library!! Yippee!! We are all SO GLAD for him! He starts this Monday, which is the first day of Summer Reading. Yes, Bill gets thrown right into the fire to start this new phase of his career, but I have no fear for him because he will rise up as the true champion he is and SLAM DUNK this new challenge through the HOOP OF SUCCESS!!

Good luck, Bill!! We're cheering for you!

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