Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zombies For Libraries

Let me fill you in on the latest news about the library's status. There's much good news but also some bad. The good news is, to make a long story short, the city, the county, and some of the towns in Mecklenburg county were able to come up with about 70% of the money we were going to lose. That's good because we can keep 20 branches open instead of only eight. That also means we didn't have to lay off as many people as we thought. (and I am am one of the very grateful people who did NOT get laid off!) To learn the full and rather complicated story, click here. But the bad news is that we lost 30% of the money we need. That means we'll be open fewer hours and may not get to do as much cool stuff. That's why the library still needs your help!

A lot of of library fans are doing events to help; in fact, there's a great new effort among the undead to support our libraries! Well, actually it was done primarily by the living. A group called Charlotte Geeks teamed up with the library and Bouncing Ferret Films to create a bunch of promotional videos. Here's a message from the national Save The Libraries website:

Zombies for Libraries

Last week
Charlotte Geeks along with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Bouncing Ferret Films filmed several library advocacy videos featuring zombies who are suffering from the loss of libraries in the community. Watch the videos, share, but be warned these may not be for very young eyes!

The Charlotte Geeks realized that the poor zombies of Mecklenburg county need to feed on brains and, since libraries feed brains, there will be no more brains for the hungry zombies if the libraries close!

Here are the videos showing the plight of the unfortunate zombies:

So do your part to help the zombies! Support your library!


Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian said...

These are hysterical - we just posted a link and blurb on our blog!

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I'm going to tweet this - it's great!! :) Good luck!

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Thank you too!