Thursday, June 3, 2010

All the Scoop on the 48 Hour Book Challenge and Your Chance to Help the Library

The great test of the CARLMAN'S endurance and dedication comes up this weekend. It's the 48 Hour Book Challenge, an annual event in which kidlit bloggers try to read as many hours as they can in a 48-hour period. This year they're letting us use this event as an opportunity to raise money for our favorite charities, so I'm asking all you readers guys to donate however much money you and your families would like for every hour that I read. I'll post the results on Monday and you can see how many hours I actually read to determine how much to give. Here's how you can donate:

1. Donate cash at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library branch closest to you. Please put the money in an envelope and make sure the envelope is addressed to Dick Pahle, Main Library, 310 N. Tryon. No need to put a stamp on it because you're not mailing it. In fact, you should NEVER send cash through the mail!! As long as Mr. Pahle's name is on the envelope, it will get to him. (He's in charge of all our fundraising) If your local branch has a cash donation box, you could put it in there or you could give it to the helpful, friendly librarian behind the desk. (Here's a picture of your typical Charlotte Mecklenburg librarian)

2. Your parents could write a check. You can mail it or drop it off at your local branch. If you mail it, make sure it goes to Dick Pahle, Main Library, 310 N. Tryon, Charlotte, NC. 28202. If you drop it off, please be sure to put Mr. Pahle's name and Main Library on the envelope.

Whether you write a check or donate cash, please add a note that says it's from the 48 Hour Book Challenge.

3. Donate online. All the info for donating online is here. Online donations automatically go to Mr. Pahle. If you do this, make sure your parents know about it first!! Or your parents could make the donations, of course.

As I said, you can donate however much you'd like. You can donate on your own or this might be something you and your family/friends/school would like to do. We really appreciate it, guys! The library is in trouble; check out my post from May 29 to find out.

My goal is to read 12 hours over the weekend. During that time, I plan to read The Red Pyramid, The Emperor's Code, (been saving those two for this weekend), and Redwall. (at long last!) I read slowly, so this should last me a while but I've got other stuff lined up if I finish them. We're also allowed to listen to one audiobook, so I've got one called Lad, a Dog ready to go. It's an old book, a true story about a man and his collie--and the dog doesn't die in this one!

As I said, I'll post the results on Monday. In the meantime, I'll be out there as a true MANLY MAN, reading for the greater good!

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