Saturday, May 29, 2010

The 48 Hour Book Challenge: A Chance to Help the Library

The CARLMAN is going to participate in a test of endurance and reading next weekend. It's the 48 Hour Book Challenge, a weekend in which a lot of kidlit bloggers try to read as many hours as they can in 48 hours. This year it'll be the weekend of June 4--6. The rules are simple: You have a 48-hour time period. It can be from 7:00 am Friday--7:00 am Sunday or 7:00 am Saturday--7:00 am Monday. (I'm going to do the second one) During that time you can read as many hours as you can stand. You should post your results by noon on Monday, June 7.

A lot of kdillit bloggers do this every year, but this is my first attempt. Why did I choose this year to start? Because they're going to do something new; they're going to let bloggers use this as a fundraising event for charities. When I heard about that, I went, "DUUHHH!" because I know exactly where the money should go--the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

The library is in trouble, guys. With the recession, Mecklenburg County is not getting as much money as they thought, so they're having to cut services. Since the library receives most of its money from the county, we're looking at cutting way back. WAY back!! I mean, WAY, WAY back! The current plan is to cut

45.5 % of the library's budget. That's almost half! We plan to close 16 of our 24 branches and lay off a lot more people!! It also means no more new books. Maybe no more cool programs. It's bad, guys! That's why we need your help. What can you do? Donate however much money you'd like for every hour I read next weekend. The amount is up to you. And your parents, of course. You could drop money off at your local branch or your parents could write checks or donate online. I'll put all that information in a post next week. In the meantime, talk this over with your family and decide how much you'd like to give per hour. And tell all your friends. Your teachers. Your school. Any extraterrestrials you know. (they have to use Earth currency, though) If you want to find out more about the library's situation and what you can do to help, go to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library's home page and also their Call to Action site.

As I said, check back next week and I'll give the info on how to donate. Then check back again after noon on Monday, June 1 to find out how many hours I actually read. My goal is 12 hours. NO--don't gasp in amazement!! The CARLMAN is willling and completely able. I've already started lifting heavy books to build up my arms. I've got fresh cleaning cloths for my reading glasses. And I'm developing powerful muscles that enable me to sit for long hours without tiring! Yes, when it comes to marathon reading, the CARLMAN is indeed--


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